Rat Crab Monster Horror!

Yesterday I came home from work and there was a terrible, horrifying, grotesque, crab rat monster on our bathroom counter.. I was absolutely certain it was a hostile creature from outer space, or from the deepest, unknown depths of the cold, dark sea.

I was able to get a photo of it, which I WhatsApp’ed to the wife,

Send the kids away before scrolling any further, and you may not want to look further yourself, if you are prone to nightmares and terrors that cannot be un-seen.

Final warning…

My wife laughed, but I was sure it was from sheer nervous terror and panic that prompted that bizzare reaction.

Safely outside a closed bathroom door, I examined the photo. It appeared to be legs up, like a giant dead spider, but with more than a spiders eight legs.

Cautiously opening the bathroom door, I nervously peered inside, expecting a furious attack from the clawed, fang-ed creature.

It hadn’t moved. Perhaps it was dead! With no small amount of fear, I quietly crept forward.

It wasn’t a monster! It appeared to be some type of plastic torture device! Designed to pierce the delicate flesh and rip meat off of it’s unfortunate victims in huge chunks.

What heinous activities does the wife engage in whilst I am away!!!??!

In other news, yesterday on the beach, I found a most excellent kite surfing board.

In my head, I was wording my advert, to return it to the owner, demanding a reward, when two surfer dudes showed up, asking if I had found a kite board. I pointed over my shoulder and they retrieved it, thankful.

I asked how they lost it, and one surfer dude replied, “Being stupid, windsurfing at night.”

Oh well, so much for my reward, I was going to demand two cigars in my imagined advertisement, but it was ot meant to be.

It rained this morning, I’m typing this under my umbrellta, but it’s stopped raining and looks perfectly clear, I can’t decide if it’s a scooter day or a van day.

Have a great weekend!

Anti Blog

I don’t feel like posting, I’m anti-blog today.

I had weird dreams, I can’t really remember, but it seems I kept getting keychains stuck on my fingers.

Supposed to be sunny today and it’s raining.

Do I have any photos? Let me go look. BRB.

Yeah here’s my only new pictures:

Apparently, Lenny’s arms are much shorter than Sheba’s!
Lenny excape attempt.

Don’t worry about my mental state, I’ll be OK.

See? Told ya!

Have an OK day!

Two Girls

I slept good Last night, but I woke up at 3:30 for a minute. I found myself thinking about this girl I met at a Street Party in George Town. It was probably Pirates Week, but that’s irrelevant. She was a little drunk an happy and chatty. I gave her this top hat I was wearing, because she wanted it really bad, and we talked for a while, and that was it. I was single, and told her to look me up at work (Radio Cayman, at the time) I never really thought I’d see her again.

Several months later, I see her in the newsroom, talking to a newscaster. I asked her if she remembered me, I was the one who gave her the hat. She turned around and punched the newscaster, and yelled, “You told me YOU were the one who gave me the hat!”

Apparently, she did look me up, and the newscaster, (who looks similar to me) told her it was he who gave her the hat.

They had been dating a couple months I guess.

Another time, long ago, I was working part-time at this pizza place. There was a gym next door. I also had a membership at that gym. There was a girl who worked there who I talked to a lot who I had a crush on. I knew when her birthday was, from talking to her, and sent her flowers on her birthday.

She never said anything. It was weird. Finally, I saw her a week or so later, and asked her if she got the flowers. She got flustered and embarrassed. She told me there was a guy named Mark who worked at the gym, and she thought he sent the flowers, and he never denied it.

I could never do what either of those guys did. I’d feel like a lowlife and my conscience wouldn’t allow me to. But those two guys got laid because I my actions, back in the days when girls were hard to come by for me. And I really liked both those girls, I never went out with either

Just a long lost memory that came flashing back at a random time.

Had some good rain yesterday, at lunch I went and got two big bags of seaweed that washed ashore, good fertilizer for my bananas.

It should be nice today. Scooter day! Havva goodun!

Beach & Back, w/ No Beach!

Cloudy Tuesday morning here, I got hit by a couple of raindrops on the walk this morning. On the walk, there was also something else going on, both dogs were in the “hunt” mode. I didn’t see anything unusual but the dogs were very alert, looking around constantly. They were ready to spring into action! There must have been a scent in the air.

And now for something completely different. On my scooter, I mount a camera to record traffic. Yesterday, I set it to take one frame per second instead of video mode. Later, I combined the two sets of photos into a time-lapse video of me going to the beach at lunch and then coming back. It looks like I just go straight there and immediately come back, but really, there was an hour in between when the camera was off, but it looks like I just went and came back without stopping. I am easily entertained. Below is the video:

Not much else going on. Short post this morning.

Have a great DAY!

Brilliant, Unique Post Title

It’s Monday, and I almost made “It’s Monday” the title of this post but I realized there probably 50 posts titled “It’s Monday”. So I decided to come up with a brilliant, unique title for my post.

After Friday and Saturday, practically nobody I know did anything yesterday .I wanted to see why the new inner tube on my bicycle wouldn’t hold air, but I was not foolish enough to attempt such a momentous task.

Mainly, we watched a movie, “The Walk“, based on the story of 24-year-old French high-wire artist Philippe Petit’s walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on August 7, 1974. 

It was very good.

I can’t really remember much more from yesterday, uneventful, sleepy day. I took some time lapse videos and played with my new camera. Maybe I’ll post some boring video tomorrow.

Not really looking forward to work, but I kinda want to go. I have mixed feelings.

Have a great week!

Kaaboo 2019 Thumbs Up

Kaaboo was much better than I expected. Everything was great. (except internet). It was clean, it wasn’t overcrowded, it was well-staffed. There were no overflowing trashcans, adequate bathrooms. There were two “hydration stations” where you could refill your own water bottles, there could have been a couple more, but not a big deal. The crowd was great, nobody was misbehaving, the police were bored. (I talked to the police in my quest for coffee)

The way it worked; there were two stages, and the performances were alternated from one stage to the other and the performances were back-to-back both days. This was good, because it kept the people moving, and gave techs time to get ready for the next show without interrupting the entertainment. There was also spaces to get away from it all if you wanted. There were lots of food places and art exhibits and people selling stuff. There were big grassy areas, with people laying on towels, and people were told to bring towels and water bottles beforehand.

As expected, every thing was expensive, a burger was $12, fries $7, but it all was quality restaurant food.

For some reason the sound was better Friday than Saturday, I was thinking it was maybe just my perception, but it was evident from the sound quality of my videos, none of my Saturday videos are good enough to post.

Duran Duran was excellent, Blondie and Counting Crows were excellent. I love Shaggy, but was very disappointed because he never played a whole song, he’d start, stop in the middle and start talking, then play part of another song. Salt N Pepa, not my cuppa tea. They came on, I took one look, said my good-byes to wife and company, and told them to meet me at the cigar bar. Chainsmokers had a good light show, but they’re just two DJ’s and a drummer. They’re not artists or musicians, they’re a product.

Counting Crows I like, Blues Traveller, not really, that harmonica shit sounds random to me, it doesn’t sound like musical skill, and I find it extremely annoying. They were good during the non-harmonica parts though.

Duran Duran
Duran Duran
Blondie. Deborah Harry is 73!
Blues Traveller

My wife really liked Zedd, they are another DJ product, they were good, but not really memorable to me. Again, good lightshow.

Duran Duran kicked ass, but the sound was thin. Like I said, overall, Friday sounded much better that Saturday.

Kaaboo was super super good. There was only one problem, an that was Digicel, the sponsor. I think they were jamming the cellular signal, because nobody’s telephone data was working. Phones worked intermittently at best, mostly not at all, and the Digicel wifi was atrocious. Basically Digicel crippled cellular communication, and their “free wifi” was mostly non-existent and wholly non usable. Anyone could be forgiven for technical issues involving wifi, but to jam the competition is unspeakable, and I bet we read something more about this in an upcoming newspaper.

Digicel – the only problem. I fixed their sign tho!

Digicel being the biggest problem for Kaaboo, I must mention that on both days in the late afternoon, I w̶a̶n̶t̶e̶d̶ NEEDED coffee, and there was none. Coffee was the other problem.

Time Lapse Test & A Music Weekend

Below is the time lapse I was talking about yesterday.

one frame every 5 seconds

I’d really like to get rid of the watermark, and I will, when I find an app that I like. I didn’t really like Picpac. But I think it would be fun to do more of these time lapse videos, cooler ones.

Tonight starts a music event called Kaaboo. Stupid name. The wife got tickets almost as soon as they went on sale. Duran Duran, Blondie, Bryan Adams, Counting Crows and several more artists will be playing.

I didn’t sleep worth a dang last night. Got up at 3:35 and now the alarm is getting ready to go off in about 20 minutes, the wife bought Lenny this octopus stuffed toy with a squeaker in the body and in every tentacle. That’s not what woke me up, her trying to make the dog stop squeaking it is what woke me up. You can’t get rid of the squeakers, there’s always one more. The dog has also been tearing that octopus up for days, leaving stuffing all over the house,

It’s going to be a long long day and night coming up. And weekend. Maybe I can get some sleep Sunday.

Have a great weekend!

Video From Time-Lapse Photos

I’m trying to make a video from time lapse photos using my Android Device. So far, all I’ve been able to do is make a video slideshow.

My Andriod Editor Collection

Power Director is what I’ve used so far, and tit’s good, but it puts a huge watermark on the video. I don’t mind getting the paid version to get rid of this, but their system is pay for a subsciption, which I don’t like. I’ll pay a one-time fee, but I don’t wanna subscribe for a part-time, time limited app. I’ve since downloaded KineMaster and FilmoraGo for testing. KineMaster, I looked at briefly and I don’t think it’s going to work for me. I’ll be checking out FilmoraGo today.

Anybody got any suggestions?

Cloudy here, good rrain last night. Tomorrow’s FRIDAY! It feels like Friday today…

Have a good one!

The Mystery Of The Broken Ribs Sensation

Last week, I added a short, quick abdominal exercise routine to my beach lunch hours.

After the first day (last Thursday I think), I felt a not-unpleasant “It’s working-good” kinda soreness. I did the routine again the next day. The next morning, I felt like I had broken all my ribs. Bad pain on the outsides of my back and my sides, not my spine, but everything else. It hurt to inhale. I didn’t know if it was because of the exercises or not. It was a very different pain than the good-soreness previously

So I rested up over the weekend, and then did the abs routine again. I felt the feeling. The Planking exercise.

This cartoon guy even kinda looks like me..

Look at the picture above. Look at the red hot agony of the abs. On me, the red zone reached much further around my back.

I probably used some muscles I had never used before in my life.

Mystery solved.

Do you think I should quit the Planking part of the exercises? Nooooo, I’m doubling up on them. I like that you can feel it, and the pain today is nothing compared to initially.

Today is supposed to get cloudy and rainy. In fact, it’s starting to sprinkle right now! Out of an almost clear blue sky! I gotta go!

Have a good day!


2019, Olden Times

One would think, that by the year 2019, the human race could have developed a flashlight that worked. I have 50+ years experience with flashlights, and don’t recall ever having one that worked worth a dang.

The rest of the world calls them torches, Cayman Islands and the US call them flashlights. A torch is a stick, with fire on one end.

I get up, pre-dawn, I use a flashlight so my wife can continue sleeping. I can think of 3 flashlights on my nightstand, there’s probably more, if I went and looked. All of them are intermittent. They suddenly go off, or go half dim, and you gotta whack ’em to make ’em come back on.. The flashlights today are no better than the flashlights we had on the Cub Scout camping trips in the 1960’s. I have spent my life searching endlessly for a good flashlight, never have I found one.

Someday, in the future, if mankind ever evolves beyond the primitive, caveman stage, technology will come up with a decent, reliable, affordable FLASHLIGHT that anyone can obtain and use.


Have a great day!