Filling Up On Half

For a long time, I’ve had a personal rule to stop and get gas when it gets down to half a tank. That way, I don’at run out of gas, and it takes less money to fill up.

The other day, I was driving and notice my tank was half full, and I felt just a flash of anxiety, like when you look down and seee the tank is completly empty. I had to remind myself,”that’s not empty, I still have half a tank left”. But I realized that my behavior had been altered, my ‘fill-up-on-half-a-tank’ training was complete.

Yesterday, actually, day-before-yesterday, I left my tablet at work, so yesterday morning, I coudn’t post.

And it’s FRIDAY! H ave a dental appointment today, they found 3 cavities on my last checkup.

Have a great weekend!

Topic Lull

As you, my millions of readers, may have noticed, I’ve been going through a boring patch on my blog (excluding the last few years!!)

I just don’t have much to saay lately. I could whine about work, but you’ve already heard all that.

I want this blog to be interesting and fun to read. I don’t think it has been for quite some time,

But I’ll keep keepin’ on.

Early Wake Up

I woke up at 3:37 this morning. How do I know? My fitness tracker keeps track of it. I couldn’t get back to sleep. Got out of bed and dressed about 60 seconds before the alarm went off, silenced it instantly a it started to ring, Then I went running. I got rained on hard while running, but I enjoyed it, sheets of rain, driving ahead of me. I went swimming too, like usual.

Now I’m drinking coffee, posting my post in the pre dawn dark, with my little lamp shining on the keyboard.

Life is good!

I Call A Do – Over!

Yesterday was too nasty to count as a weekend day. There should be a day off today to compensate for it. Yesterday was cold, windy and nasty. It’s still cold windy and nasty, so today’s ok for a workday, not a weekend day.

Really, I feel kinda crappy. And I don’t want to go to work. But I’ll make it.

Have a great week

Whoop Diddy Doo

And it’s again Friday. You know what that means. Two days off work, then the cycle starts all over again. Whoop diddy doo.

I had a short run and a nice swim thiis morning. The water was super nice. Soft feeling.

Time is moving fast and I gotta get ready for work!

Whata Wednesday!

Woke up this morning to howling wind, sheets of rain and cold temperatures in the high 60’s.

Completely unexpected by me. Weatherwise, it seems like everyone knows what’s going on more than I.

I went out to run this morning but the sheets of rain turned me around. (I was wearing a raincoat and a hoodie, but the sight of the waves of rain in the streetlight changed my mind.)

Now I’m ready to go to work, early.

And that’s about it for today!

My Work Buddy

I see this guy at work so often that he isn’t afraid of me any more, I feed him bread sometimes, but he likes bugs. This picture is a coup;e of weeks old, his tail is all new now. Not sure how he lost it.

Tuesday. I ran and swaam thi orning. It was good. It’s been cold, windy, rainy and other intolerable conditions latley, now it seems to have warmedd up, for a while at least.

Have a great day!

Remembering The Cheese

This morning I was thinking about an open air market in Udine, Italy. I vendor gave me a sample of this cheese and it was delicious, I know the vendor could see it in my face. It is a moment I think I’ll remember forever. The vendor got much poleasure from my pleasure, I’m sure.

All weekend was very windy and very cold and rainy. This mornng it’s not so windy and not so cold. Last night the Wife dropped a ring down the drain. She said she could handle it, she’d done it before. This morning our bathroom flooded, and I spent my exercise time cleaning it up. Sometimes I think my morning run/swim is the best time of my day.

Ahh Mondays.

Have a good week!

Driving Drizzle

Went to go running this morning and it was strong wind with drizzle. I fed the cats and came back in. Miserable weather his morning, Of course, nothing like what they’re getting in the US east coast.

Weather “Bomb Cyclone”

It was very windy and cold here yesterday morning but it got nice by lunch. Hopefully it will do the same today. Glad it’s Friday, first Friday of 2018!