Occasional Obsessions

Happy Friday!

I remember probably 30 years ago, I saw a $13 Monocular at WalMart. I thought to myself, “It’s pretty cool, but I don’t need it”. For three days, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I laid awake all night, three nights. Finally, I went back and got it. At last! I could sleep again! And you know what? I still have it, I still think it’s the coolest thing on earth, and I still use it.

Now, I became obsessed with Pico Projectors, about 6 months ago or more. Don’t need it, got no real use for it, ordered it yesterday.

AAXA Technologies P2-A 130-Lumen WVGA LED Smart Pico Projector

It’s supposed to be delivered Monday, but I’m thinking I can get it today, if it arrives on the island. We had an old, big, super cheap projector but it’s disappeared around the house somewhere, wife and I looked for it a couple times, but it didn’t turn up. I don’t think it really would have mattered though, I was obsessed. Not with this particular model, just a pico projector.

I’m so excited!

This morning our walk (Sheba and mine) was kinda nasty. There was a garbage truck right behind us. We’d walk and get away, then it’d pull up right behind us and start loading peoples garbage, we’d almost get away, and it’d pull up behind us again. It was noisy and stinky.

Did I mention that it’s Friday? I’m so excited! Have a great weekend!

Stephen King: The Stand

I’m reading this book again, I read it a long time ago. But a new, uncut version came out. (The preface says Steven King’s editor suggested he edit the first version.) It is super good. It’s over 3000 pages on my e-reader. It was good before, and it’s good again. I can’t put it down.

Have you read it? Pretty much everyone’s died off now, Trashcan Man just blew up the fuel tanks. The second half has begun or is ready to begin. I can’t wait to read more today.

It’s been a good week, so far. It’s rained every day, but sunny most of the time. Sunny beach lunch hours every day. On my walk in the dark this morning, there was lightning, but now it looks clearish. I gotta remember to buy coffee, I’m getting dangerously low on coffee. There’s tons of fancy coffee out there, but deep down inside, I like Cafe Bustello the best. Don’t tell my wife.

Have a great day!

What’s Wrong With The Moon?

I have the above two apps on my phone. The top one is from an app called Sunrise Sunset, the lower image is from an app called Daylight World Map. Both are great. Sunrise Sunset recently updated to include the moon position, however, last night I noticed in this app, the moon is in the wrong place.

I was sitting on my back porch laast night, same place I’m sitting now, and the moon was to the south, at its apogee. I whipped out my phone, and notice that on Sunrise Sunset, it shouldn’t be visible because it’s on the other side of the planet. Which it wasn’t.

Sunrise Sunset is a cool app, because the disc (in the top image) is movable. It has a lot of other features. It’s cool for a lot of other reasons too, but I won’t get into that now.

Daylight World Map is a super cool app too, but don’t get the paid version, because if you do, the advertiseements block at the bottom of the screen goes away, the image gets skewed and the discs that are the sun and moon become ovals, quite annoying. You can’t really see it in the image, because it’s from my teeny tiny phone, but on my tablet, it’s quite noticeable. It also has a widget, so you can have a miniature, resizable version of the map (minus sidebars) on your home screen.

So, I’m trying to contact the developer of Sunrise Sunset to find ot what’s wrong with the moon. Both images above were taken at the same time last night, (6:12 PM) but on Daylight World Map, the moveable cursor (intersection of the two red lines) was set on London, so it’s showing London time.

Both apps are super cool. Daylight World Map and Sunrise Sunset.

Have a great day!

Drawing a Blank

Drawing a blank on a post this morning. Yesterday at work seemed like Tuesday, which is not a good thing. Because now it’s Tuesday and this has the makings for a long week.

Above is a rainbow I shot yesterday morning right before I headed to work. It’s about all I have for pics today.

I didn’t even really see my wife yesterday, I was gone before she got up, and asleep before she got home. I don’t like that when that happenes. She’s, in my opinion, getting screwed at work. She does all the events at the gallery where she works, I don’t know if it’s because she’s the new kid or what. I told her to put her foot down. I’ve been there.

I was out on the back porch posting and it started raining, now I’m inside posting. Google says mostly sunny, Cayman National Weather Servicesays 30% chance of rain, Weather In Cayman says sunny. It’s raining, who to believe? Definitely a drive-the-van-not-the-scooter day.

And now I have time for a bowl of cereal before work, so CIAO! Have a great day!

Late Monday

Since I’m running late this fine Monday morning, I must apologize in advance for not posting my usual, mesmerizing, fascinating high-quality literary content and instead I’m just slappin’ a few pictures up. Cheap and tawdry, I know. Your impeccable tastes demand more, and for that, again, I apologize for the incomprehensible disappointment you must be feeling..

This baby curleytail was unafraid of me. He jumped on my arm a couple of times, and he was very close.

Curleytail close-up

Sunset from Boggy Sand Road

Last nights sunset zoom in

Have a great week, and I apologize again for my berevity!

What Is Blogging?

I know what my blog is, kinda. It’s pretty similar to your blog. But if I look on the internet for ways to improve my blog, there’s very little pertinent results. It seems more about marketing and profit and increasing sales and the number of hits. A lot are political. like the writer just wants to be a news source. When I look for ways to improve my blog, I’m just talking about being a better writer and posting posts that are more enjoyable for my readers.

The way I see it, you and I are part of a team, you read my blog, I read yours, we comment on each others posts, we’re just regular people, and our blogs of a kind of (for lack of a better word, forgive me,) hobby. But are we the minority? When I search for more blogs to follow, all I get are professional blogs, like corporate blogs. Not just somebody blogging like you and me. The ONLY good way I’ve found to find fellow bloggers like us is by what I call bloghopping.


If you go back to my blog archives, and look at comments from say, 10 years ago, you’ll find that almost none of them are still blogging. Unfortunately, bloggers seem to come and go. Periodically I have to replenish my ‘follow’ list on my reader, find new blogs. Finding blogs like ours is difficult.

Try it! If you use the WordPress App, go to the reader, and select anything exept “Followed Sites”. When I do that, looking for new blogs, I don’t find any I want to follow, to me they’re they’re all corporate, professional industrial blogs, even the good sounding ones, once I go look at them. Try the same thing on Feedly, or any reader you may be using. It’s even worse if you search using the web browser.

So what is blogging? I can’t imagine being able to use this blog to make money, or having a thousand followers. I’d like to, if I didn’t have to change everything, turn it into a sterile personality-less blog.

I like my blog, I don’t want to change a thing, except keep it going and make it better. If I get a good idea, I might act on it, but pretty much, I think I lack imagination and creativity. which is possibly why I’m happy with things now.

What do you think? I get the feeling that this is a somewhat incoherent post, too rambly. I hope not.

Have a great day!

The Sinking Pirate Ship

The Pirate ship took on some water during the rough seas we had with the Pre-Hurricane Michael storm. I saw a picture of it on Facebook, but didn’t think I’d actuallly see the ship, I was sure they’d have her righted by now. But I drove by town yesterday and there she was, leaning way over. They were pumping the water out when I took these pics though, I’m sure everything is fine as I type this.

Thursday Without Thinking.

Random pictures, No thought, no theme no-thing

Vines taking over the vacant lot next door. There’s trees under there!

Guarding the eating cats, chickens steal their catfood otherwise.

Guarding the eating cats, chickens steal their catfood otherwise.

The Cat In The Plant. A famous childrens book title, isn’t it?

Have a great day!

Hurricane Michael.

Good luck to you in Michaels Path. Dang storm looks like it’s even gonna whack the UK. And it maintains strength pretty well while it travels over land.

This is typical for the end of hurricane season. Loosely speaking, in the beginning of the season, the storms start near Africa, and head mostly north or north-westish, Then the storms start forming further and further west, moving more parallel to the equator. Then, near the end, they’re forming around here, with a week or so of rain, storm gets organized, and moves away, to get named and develop more. Hurricane Michael is a strong one though.

Stay safe!

The Missing Years

I was looking for a missing photo, and realized I don’t have any backup for my pictures from 2005 and 2006. I used to back up my photos on DVD every year, and I have from 1998 till about 2011 on DVD. I don’t think I was missing ’05 and ’06 before, whenever “before” was. I DID know that I was missing 1997, the year I moved here, and the year I bought my first digital camera. After the annual DVDs, about 2011, I started keeping my backup on external hard drives. But they fail, as I have found out. Gold colored DVDs are the best, waterproof. Hurricane Michelle got all my discs wet, and all the silver ones were ruined. They looked ok immediately after, but over time, the got “holes” in the “foil”.

What’s your backup system? Do you have one?

This morning I had a good walk with Sheba the dawg. It was raining and I took the umbrella, but as soon as I walked away from the house, it quit raining, and when I got back, it started raining again. It must’ve been raining only at my house… The sea was strange, glassy but with a big crashing wave about every 5 or 10 seconds. I didn’t swim. And it’s cloudy but should be clearing up soon. Our rain moved away and became Michael.

Have a great day!