After Gustav

George Town from West Bay Public Beach afterwards
Grand Cayman made it through Gustav OK. Cayman Brac and Little Cayman got really whacked. He passed between the islands and the ones on Gustavs right side got it bad, and the one on his left got lucky.

I personally had no damage, I designed my house to be a hurricane bunker. I have 10 foot tall 12 inch thick concrete stilts. I have a concrete slab with 2 foot thick concrete crossmembers. My walls are 8 inch block, with every hole filled with concrete with steel in every other hole. My roof is flat concrete, 8 inches thick on the edges and 7 in the center. (for drainage) I have good, accordion style hurricane shutters on my windows and plywood cut and ready for the windows in the doors.
I lost almost everything in Hurricane Michelle and got flooded by Ivan and I was still scared as Gustav approached.

I wish comfort to those who get damage from Gustav

Battened Down

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  1. I feel for the Brac and Little Cayman. I not only feel for the residents but more so for the wildlife. I heard the Ivan had all but wiped out many of the wildlife on those islands. I hope they are able to bounce back pronto.Your house on the other hand sounds like it could withstand anything. I am impressed with your description.Now, wasn’t it nice to have a long weekend…?

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