Nice Day Trip Yesterday

Went to Cayman Brac yesterday it was good to get out of the office and good to do some actual physical work with my tools instead of paperwork at my desk. Got up at my normal time yesterday, but skipped my exercises to get gone to the airport on time. Picked up my co-worker on tje way.

Above is a picture of the sun whilst flying over. The imperfect airplane glass created some interesting distortion. Below is a 3 second video. It only shakes when the camera is touching the window.

The video is NOT age restricted and YouTube settings on my end don’t indicate that it is. I don’t know what their problem is.

I’m very glad it’s Friday! Have a super good weekend!

Back In The Water

Good day yesterday, it’s still cloudy (mostly) windy and cold, but the wind is from the north, and I went to the beach at lunchtime and found a spot where it was mostly sunny and pretty hot, because I was strategically using the island to block the breeze. After work, first time in a long time, I stopped and swam the half mile after work. It was soooo nice and I felt so good afterwards. I gotta do it much more often. It took me 20 minutes to go .47 miles. But I was wearing these little mini swim fins. Kinda like these.

AND I got rid of my garbage-from-the-git-go $50 windshield wipers and got a pair of the cheapest ones. $5 each. For the first time in a year, I can see out of my windshield!

Today is a normal workday and tomorrow I’m going to Cayman Brac for work. Looking forward to that!

Have a day that is, as the French say, FANTASTIQUE!

Multi News

Yesterdays anonymous cat was gone his morning, I’m glad. I hope she had a nice funeral.

I thought I might be catching a cold last night, sneezy and stuffed up. I was also thinking I might be getting side effects from the covid vaccine, but this morning I feel fine.

My “American Express Fiasco” is out of my hands. Wowza Media is under investigation for credit card fraud.

I have a dental appointment this morning. Cleaning only, I think.

The island is out of Q-Tips, apparently. Wife and I have.been looking for almost two weeks. First they ran out of the ultra jumbo size, now they’re all gone. Not a big deal for us though. We have an emergency stash.

Everything is good, except the weather, still cloudy, windy and cold.

Have a good day.

In Memory Of An Anonymous Cat

Walking the dogs this morning in the cold rainy darkness, I found a cat on the street, barely alive. She was panting like it was difficult for her to breathe. She was a small calico cat, all wet and miserable.

I had a problem with the dogs, I couldn’t just let go of their leashes, so I tied them to the cable that supports a light pole.

I went back to the cat and held her paw. She made a little meow sound. I was going to move her off the street so that the next car that came by didn’t run over her. But I thought I might be the one killing her, if she had a spinal injury.

Very lightly, I traced my finger down her spine, it felt ok. I gently picked her up and moved her into some thick brown grass away from the road. She made a sound just like our cats when you move them because they’re laying where you want to sit.

I got the dogs, who were getting loose because of the crappy knot I had tied. We walked up the road a little ways, visualizing how I was going to take her to the vet, how I would call the vets emergency number, which box I’d use to make the bed to carry the cat there.

When I got back to her, she had moved a little from the spot I laid her in, but she was dead. I put my hand on her and told her I was sorry, and I hoped she met all my cats in heaven.

I tried to remember all the cats of my life: Marshmallow, named by my sister, Blackie 1&2, when I had two black cats and thought there was only one. Abus, in Hawaii, Toby, who moved to Cayman with me. Shadow, Albie, LT, all from this house.

Cats usually just disappear, and you never know what happened to them. I guess they know they’re going to die and run away. It’s not nice to see a cat suffering, wet and dirty like this morning. Cats are very clean and confident and they have it all together.

We now have 5 outdoor cats and 1 indoor cat. I sure do hope none of them ever end up on the side of the road like that cat this morning.

I hope somebody misses the cat I found today, maybe bury her and have a funeral. I hope she was loved, and had a good life and spent time sunning and laying on someones lap, purring while they stroked her soft fur.

I’ll probably go bury her this afternoon if she’s still there.

This morning made me very sad..


This is another “Oh WHY didn’t I think of that!” post.

Monkeytail moustache! How cool! How stylish! Start yours today!

The only thing you have to worry about is – clockwise or anti clockwise!


Top 5

This morning I saw a shooting star that was one of the top 5 of my life. It was huge, traced across half the sky, horizon to overhead at least and had a distinct candleflame body with a long, long lasting tail. After it burnt up and faded out I waited for several seconds, thinking I possibly could hear it. (I couldn’t)

Google pictures of shooting stars and hey show mostly comets. How tawdry. I cannot find an image that suitably represents what I saw this AM.

Got my covid shot number one yesterday, no pain or discomfort or symptoms. 02 Feb is the second one.

Have a nice day!


Today at work I’m allegedly getting the Pfizer-BioNTech covid vaccine, shot number one of two. Wednesday is my regularly scheduled monthly covid test. I’ll keep you posted.

Yesterday, walking the dogs in the early morning darkness, I saw what looked like a shiny plastic bag, blowing across the street. As I got closer, I decided it looked like a cat, looking straight at me, the street lights making his eyes shine luminously. Which was almost impossible because of light reflecting and cat eye alignment characteroptics. Then I realized that whatever it was, had it’s source of illumination somehow, as it moved off the road and disappeared. I have no idea what it was. The most rational thing I can come up is some kind of animal with a lighted collar of some kind, but really I have no idea what it could have been.


Have a good day!

New Blog Post

Typical Monday weekend review. Friday night it was crystal clear and so still and hot that I closed the windows and turned the AC on. Saturday morning, it was cold, windy rainy and cloudy. Took me completely by surprise. It was a stay at home weekend reading and watching Qi on TV.

Now it’s a normal Monday back to work routine.

Have a good week!

First Friday of 2021

Finally Friday. I never thought it would get here, which is not the same as “I thought it would never get here.” In one instance, I thought about it, in the other, I didn’t. In my case, I didn’t.

Have I mentioned that 8’m readers the Mortal Engine series? Each one is so good I can hardly put them down. I’m on book 4 now, there’s 7. I just found out that the internet says there’s 4, but I have 7. We”ll see when I get there.

Have a great weekend!