Post Covid Dental

Monday morning. Yuk. Going to the dentist this morning. I think I have a cavity., but this is just a regular cleaning and checkup. First since covid.

Yesterday was a lazy, non-productive day. As you already know, I mowed Saturday, and yesterday just lazed mostly and helped.the wife with some gardening.

Have a great week!

Haffa Step n Stop

Last week, I was driving and saw someone mowing their lawn, (not pictured below) they were walking normally, easily pushing the lawnmower. I was astounded.

google search, “lawnmower hell”

When I mow the yard, like I did today, it is lawnmower hell. I have to take a half of a step forward and stop, because the grass makes the mower almost die, then wait for it to get it’s RPM’s back up, then take another little baby step. Often, the RPM’s continue to decline, and I have to push down on the handle, bringing the weakly rotating blade out of the grass completely. Most of the time, 60-75%, this allows the RPMs to come back up and I can take another halfa step before repeating the process.. Too often the engine dies anyway, and I have to re-start it, priming the engine by pressing the bulb and pulling the string several times.

I have been accepting this as normal until I saw the other person walking normally, pushing the mower with the properly operating engine.

My old mowers, I only needed to prime it first time, it’d start with one pull after the engine was warm. My lawnmower is only a few years old. but it spews oil out the carbeurator/air filter, can’t start without priming it and it’s difficult to start, even when warm. I remember as a boy, not wanting to mow the parents grass, running while pushing the mower to get done as quickly as possible. My mower today dies if I take a full step forward.

All my mowers have been junk. And the “New” doesn’t wear off of anything faster than a lawnmower. Usually with anything new, I pamper it, and try to keep it new. With a lawnmower, it lasts about halfway through the first mow. When the engine dies from the normal yard obstacles, the New is gone.

I was awed by the person mowing and walking at normal speed, it made mowing the yard look easy, instead of the enormous, pain in the ass chore it is for me. Maybe I need another new mower…

Edge of Irritation

It’s finally a Friday. I have no desire to go to work today.

It seems like lately I’ve been in a state of irritation, on the verge of anger.

I perceive that I am being wronged by everyone.

Although I know a lot of fuckups, none of them are fucking up at me, they’re fucking up in general, because they’re fuckups.

But lately I am taking it personally. I’m tired of being the only one who has to adapt and conform to all these fuckups and nobody seems to give me any concession.

For the past week or so, I’ve been in a foul mood and it’s nobody’s fault but mine.

New Books

Above is a shadow picture from our morning walk.

I finished the book “Jaws” and now I’m reading “Lord Of The Flies”.

I think my parents watched it when I was much much younger. I remember very little.

After this, I think I’ll be done with old books. I want to read new ones now.

The weekend is almost upon us!

What Came First? Fire Extinguisher or Fridge?

Have you ever seen pictures of memes about laziness on the job? Like the road painter who paints over the road kill.

Well, I’ve always wondered why there was no fire extinguisher in the kitchen at work, and the other day, I was waiting for a meeting to start, and sat in the kitchen someshere I’d never sat (sitten?) before. I saw the fire extinguisher behind the fridge.

To me this is hilarious. I’m sure the fire extinguisher was there and we got a bigger fridge, but not only did whoever putthe fridge there not move the extinguisher, the extinguisher was inspected every year and nobody ever said anything.

Not only funny, but a little bit sad, like the painted over roadkill.

I sent the above pictures to our Airport Safety Officer, and he too thought it was quite “interesting”.

It will be moved.

Tuesday Animals

Cats lounging on a box
Cats on a car.
Little One under a car.
Big Leaf Lenny gives us a wink.

Tuesday easy post. Pet pics…

I got the driveway painted yesterday afternoon, not the whole thing, just spot painted my repair zones. Next up: resurface and re-paint the roof.

I had a dream last night that I was chasing a centipede. I had to move each and every piece of furniture and it escaped into the wall. Then I could hear pipes clanging and stuff because it was back there. In the beginning of the dream, it was in soapy water and I thought it would drown. Then it started undulating and I guess it was drying off. Creep dream. I hate those things.

Have a good day!

First Guest

We had our first guest stay over in the apartment this weekend. It was a friend who, with my wife, went to a concert thing at a local bar, and they were drinking, so instead of driving all the way across the country (8 miles) she stayed in the apartment. She enjoyed it, she said it was nice to be away from the husband and kids. We also got some nice comfy chairs for the apartment, so I think, furniture-wise, it’s ready. We still need to hang pictures and get curtains of some sort of window covering.

I failed to plug my phone into the charger last night. When I picked it up this morning, it was 37%. It’s plugged in now, hopefully getting enough charge to make it through the day.

This weekend, I got done grinding thhe driveway and filling the cracks, hopefully this week I’ll use up the last of paint I used to paint the driveway a couple years ago. I’m saying I hope I have enough paint to finish and not buy more. If I need more, I want a lighter color, as this gets so hot in the sun you can’t walk barefoot on it. If I buy a lighter color, I’ll need to re-paint the whole driveway, and not just the repaired parts, and therefore need a lot more paint.

Have a good week!

No More Rain Please!

It’s Friday, I’m drinking my coffee, running late. I did double exercises this morning and the full length walk, to doublepaint and back. Since all this rainy weather, (which I thought we might get a respite from after hurricane delta passed), we (the dogs and I) have typically been going to half mile gate and back.

This is another qualifier for the world’s most boring post award.

Have a good weekend.

No Mucho

I’m drawing a blank on today’s post. Hurricane Delta passed the Yucatan and is headed for Louisiana.

Got soaked on our walk yesterday but today’s was nice.

Below is a pic of Lenny, acting all serious.

Yesterday I could hear SMB from the house. I took a pic driving to work, but you can’t tell how rough it was. This morning it’s round on the north.

I was sleeping really good when the alarm went off, glad tomorrow is Friday!

Then & Now

Below is a picture of our house from 2009, below that is a pic from Nov 2020.

In both, the hurricane shutters are closed and ready for an approaching storm.

We were lucky with Hurricane Delta, It took a westward jog that put us out of the path. We had a little wind and a little rain, not bad at all. In fact, it was sunny yesterday afternoon, although it’s rainy and cloudy this morning. We all got soaked on our walk, the dogs and I.

Also, this morning I could hear the sruf from Seven Mile Beach. I live near the north and if I can hear the surf on the north, it’s pretty rough. Seven Mile Beach is quite far from the house and I don’t ever remember hearing it from home before today.

Playa Del Carmen and a lot of the Yucatan are getting ready for a bad day.

In the recent house picture above, you can ssee where I’m grinding out the cracks in the driveway, filling them with filler. I’m really pleased with the results and can tell it’s going to extend the live of the driveway considerably.

Have a good day!