Poor, Poor Garbage Trucks!

Weekend. It wasn’t the greatest weekend.

I was trying to be clever, the title of this post was going to be “Not The Greatest Weekend”, but I’m not very clever. So at the last minute, I changed the title.

Last week the wife caught a sore throat and cold. She even took a sick day. End of last week, I started getting sick too. Friday, I went to bed about 7:20 and got up about 12 hours later, stayed up about 3 hours and slept again till for another 6.

Yesterday, (Sunday) I snoozed a lot, and cleaned my side of the closet. I should have taken a before and after picture. I’ve got a pretty huge “give away pile”. I also cleaned the kitchen. Enjoy it while it lasts. My wife is definitey the messy one around here!

Last night, neither one of us could sleep, the sound of loud coughing coughing coughing. It was ridiculous. This morning, I feel well enough to go to work, but my advice to you is this: Get sick during the work week, not on the weekend.

Mondays around here are garbage days. I was walking the dogs this morning and saw the garbage men and their truck. I started thinking. “Imagine a new garbage truck. Imagine the fresh paint, the New Car smell, the beautiful paint, brand new and clean inside the garbage area. Shiny. Fresh paint smell. Imagine you’re the garbage man an you have to be the first one to throw someones can full of rotten wet stinky fetid foul putrid gross nauseating garbage in a brand new, sparkly clean garbage truck.” (I took all the commas out because the effect is, I think, better!)

I probably couldn’t do it, or at least, I’d need some psychological couselling aftwards. I could never forgive my self. Poor, poor garbage trucks!

Have a good week, stay well. Try not to think of those poor, poor garbage trucks, Try not to think of how they were new and loved once!

The Smartest Day Of My Life

I woke up this morning at 4:15, feeling sharp! I was glad to have a;mother half hour to sleep, and when I woke at the alarm, I was brain dead and groggy. (It got better!)

I feel like I talk about this a lot here, and wish I understood better the brain. Mostly, I think, I wish I just had more control over mine. I’m not really talking about emotions, emotions, I think, are quite easy to manage. I’m talking about alertness. I am aware of different levels of alertness.

I remember in High School, one day, taking a test. I’d read the question, and I could reach back in my head and remember the teacher talking about it. I was really smart that day. Smartest day of my life. Even the teacher noticed, I asked a question about what she said that day she said it. She was impressed by the detail of my memory, and said so.

I’m aware of these levels of intelligence in my head, but what part of my brain is doing the analysing? There must be some unwavering standard that I’m using to measure.

Back at the radio station, there was a period where the transmitter frequently blew fuses. I’d go out there, change the fuse, and everything seemed OK, I couldn’t find the problem, because it was intermittent. One night, I went out there, brain set on changing the fuse and going back home to bed but there was the problem, the real problem. I remember the sensation of physically trying to get my brain to turn on, like starting an engine. I went out there all dull headed and I remember trying to become more alert. I did find the problem that night, and the transmitter was fixed, really fixed, and quit blowing fuses that night, but I’ll never forget it. The “trying to start the brain” sensation.

I’m really interested in this, and I don’t think it’s really understood by humanity.

But I think the human brain is cool.

Hae a great day!

Pistol MP3 Player?

Getting a slow start this morning, I thought I’d have some extra time, but it doesn’t seem that way.

Slept good but had weird dreams. I dreamed I was looking in stores for a MP3 player. The saleslady showed me one that looked like a yellow pistol. And it was a cassette player. I was looking at thru the plastic, and told the lady I didn’t want it because it didn’t have wireless headphones. Not sure it even played MP3s, it looked old, probably just a cassette player.

Then a friend of mine walks up, carrying a bathroom sink. He’s angry, and says “Look at this.” He opens the tap, (there’s no water hooked up) and the thing starts vibrating and making horrible noise and I can see the pipes and fittings cracking. I reach out and touch it and everything is loose, barely bolted together. He seems angry, like it’s my fault his bathroom sink is falling apart. Last thing I remember in the dream is telling him the first thing he needs to do is tighten everything up.

And that’s it for today. Havva goodun!

Check Out This Asshole

An accident waiting to happen.

I was riding back to work after my beach lunch when I saw this hot dog motorcycle rider. (Red shirt, on the right. Then he passes me a few seconds later)

He seemed to be barely in control, and after he passes me, he turns around, as if to see if I was impressed. I wasn’t.

I was trying to decide, if he crashed right in front of me, if I’d stop and hellp, or ride on by. No obligation on my part to help him or let him make me late for work, but it woulda made interesting video.

Luckily, (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) he didn’t crash. Not that I saw, anyway.

Things like this are not uncommon in Cayman, at least this one was wearing a helmet. Most of the hot dogs like him aren’t.

If he woulda wrecked into me, I’da been mighty angry.

Happy Tuesday!

Worlde Largest Grapefruit

Last week I bought what had to be the worlds largest grapefruit. Two or three times the size of a regular grapefruit.

I still have more than half of it in the fridge at work. One section fills you up. Below is a pic of a smaller section.

One grapefruit could feed a family of five.

Had a good weekend, went an event at the wife’s workplace Friday night, Saturday we had dinner at an event for the wife’s church.

In between was yardwork and whatnot. It was a good weekend.

Have a great week!

World Atop A Fence Post

Yesterday I spent too much time perusing the photo below. I saw it on Facebook a couple days ago and later, went back looking for it to study and save.

This amazing photo is actually a closeup of the top of a fence post. It looks like a complete fantastic world. There are mountains and valleys and riverbeds and forests and deserts. I’m sure that if you were small enough that the moss was a forest, there’d be ponds and lakes too. If we were tiny enough, we could live there.

Look closely and carefully, pick a spot for your house.

I’ve got the shrink ray!

Have a good weekend!

Memory Lane

the other night I couldn’t fall asleep, I was thinking about things that I haven’t thought of in a long time.

When I was very little, I had this baseball uniform. I guess it was New York Mets or Yankees, it was all grey with red pinstripes. I was 2 or three years old.

My little brother or sister had a toy xylophone. I remember playing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on it.

Then I played it on the piano, and had to take piano lessons. I was thinking about my piano teacher.

I was thinking about tons of other things too, that I can’t remember now. At one point I thought, “I’m gonna die, my life is flashing before my eyes”.

But I don’t think so. I’m too old to die.

Have a great day!

Caused To Be Runnin’ Late

I’m sitting here, back porch, in actual morning light, You know I’m running late if it’s light out. But it is getting light earlier and earlier.

But it’s not my fault

The pump in our birdbath was making noise, so I cleaned it. Causing me to be running even later.

Dawgs weren’t co-operative this morning, making us even more tardy.

Yesterday, on our dawg walk, we didn’t see a soul. This morning each and every single one of the predawn walkers were out, explaining why they “didn’t make it” yesterday. Of course I listened politely, further enhancing our delay.

So I’m late.

Happy Monday

Good weekend, picked the wife up from her Costa Rica trip Friday afternoon.

Went to a wedding Saturday, which was very nice. Good ceremony, good reception.

Went and watched the Super Bowl Sunday, which was also nice, because Kansas City beat San Francisco.

And now it’s back to work on a Monday.