My Lucky Day, Friday the 13th

For me, Friday the 13th’s have always been lucky days, instead of unlucky, as the myth says.

In the news, the BBC said this morning that Brexit will happen by the end of January, and Scotland might leave the UK, and re-join the EU. We have friends visiting from Scotland, we’ll see what they have to say today.

I’m not really too excited about this weekend, I can’t anticipate what’s going to go on, construction-wise. Not sure what role I’ll be playing, parts runner, stand around and looker, or absentee at the beach. Yesterday was productive, but not as much got done as I hoped.

Have a good weekend!

Today Should Be A Good Day

Today the plumber is coming, the electrician is coming, a carpenter is coming to do the baseboards and door frames. The AC company is coming to install the AC

Everything was waiting for the tile flooring to be finished. Well, finally it’s done. Still working on the bathroom wall tiles, but the floor is done.

I kinda complained, I messaged the owner that it seemed like the boss was doing everything himself, and only one job was happening at a time. I said I didn’t think we’d make it done before Christmas Break.

She re-re-reminded me we were waiting on the tile floor.

The plumber and electrician have to initiate their own inspections, then the contractor applies for certificate of occupancy.

Close, but oh so far.

Looks like it might rain today…

No Coffee In My Coffee

Normal routine. Get up. Shave, Walk dogs. Shower. Make lunch. Put on coffee and get dressed while it’s brewing.

This morning the coffee was weak. Very weak. Almost like water. It was water. I forgot to put the coffee in the brewer.

My wife has many types of teas, I selected “Breakfast In Paris”.

Hope it has caffeine. I stole one bag. Tastes like grass.

The tile is all laid, except a little spot in the bathroom, where the tiler says he has to wait for the plumber and the plumber says he has to wait for the tiler. Grout needs to go in between everything. And the back porch needs tile, about 10 square feet. My door is lost in Customs, still have the loaner.

And I’m leaving for work early, to buy stuff on the way there, and taking my lunch hour super duper pooper early, to bring the stuff back here.

Then I’ll be a prisoner at work, no breaaks till knockoff.

Almost done..

Mind Games?

Happy Tiesday.

Yesterday I busted ass to get the list of materials for the builder. When I got home with my vanfull, there was one guy there, plastering the exterior. He helped me unload and once it was delivered, I thought the crew woulld show up and get lots done, but only one other guy showed up and I am disappointed at how little was done yesterday.

When I think they contractor is motivated and wants to complete the project, they slow the work down to a trickle. When I think that we’re never going to make it and start thinking the contractor’ss gonna pull out, disappear and not finish the job. They start working hard and fast.

Do they play mind games like this? Or is my perception false?

Oh well, today’s a new day, we’ll see how it goes!

Final Week (Hopefully)

This week, ending Friday the 13th, should be the week the apartment gets finished.. The crew spent all weekend tiling and mamaranding the exterior. The only readon they quit last night was that they needed more tile and VersaBond.

I’ll be taking my work lunch hour at about 8AM this morning to get the materials.

Pictures coming.

Flying Through The Sun

I read a great article HERE about The Parker Solar Probe, flying around the inner solar system, slingshotting off of planets gravity to get closer and closer to the sun. This news worth reading!

Yesterday I got a loaner door for the construction project because mine hasn’t been released from Customs yet. Apparently, Customs has a new policy to hold items till their warehouses are all backed up and people riot, and then release it all at once. I dunno, don’t quote me on that. Customs also has an underwater camera I ordered, which arrived yesterday, that under normal circumstances, I would have gotten yesterday afternoon. Overnight shipping to the island, then a new experimental (emphasis on mental) policy says it to sit at customs for three days (FedEx guy said 72 hours). Welcome to the Caribbean! Truthfully, I have no idea what I’m talking about, all I know is I can’t get my stuff.

I don’t have time to care, it’s FRIDAY!

The builders ought to start the tiling this weekend, perhaps today. My wife picked an intricate tiling pattern the builder says they don’t know how to do, so I paid an extra $500 for them to hire a tiling expert. I’m glad they admitted they didn’t know how to do it, instead of giving me a botch tile job.

Have a good weekend!

The Party Season Begins

Last night, the wife and I went to our first Christmas party of the year. It was at Fitness Connection, my wife’s old workout place. On the way there we stopped and saw Kelly, a friend who used to live here, and is back for a working visit. I took this picture of a cruise ship, just leaving. On the right, you can see another cruise ship, which had already left.

The party was nice, and I ate a lot. As we were leaving I took this picture of a picture that I thought was pretty cool. Good stop motion photography.

Last night, after a day of getting the vents sorted out and other things, the drywalles came back and finished the ceiling on the new project. I rekkon all thet’s left is tile and painting and the hookup of all the light switches and electrical plugs.

I can’t wait till this project is done! Which should be soon!

Have a great day!

Crispy Cool

It’s December here already. Nobody here even said goodbye to hurricane season, that I heard That’s because hurricane season ended mid November, when we had our first winters cold front.

Right now it’s crispy cool, probably low 70’s (F), nice crispy cool breeze from the north and the sound of the crispy cool Caribbean Sea in the crispy cool air. I wore a jacket on my dawg walk this morning, because it was so crispy cool.

Yesterday the builders did the back steps and started the drywall. I think they’re all done with their cement mixer. Tile this week, and plaster and paint.

Dang, gotta be a new record for ease of construction and speed. I still am waiting for the shoe to drop.

I’ll be happy when it’s done!

Construction Update

Things are movin’ along. Here’s a video from yesterday afternoon.

Today They’ll be finshing the windows and doing the back stairs. Soon comes the tile. The front door hasn’t been received yet, but it has arrived on the island.

I gotta get the counter and cabinets ordered, they’re picked out already.

Hopefully it will be done in two weeks.