A Bit Sluggish

I was sleeping good when the alarm went off this morning.

I’m still feeling a bit sluggish.

Quite sluggish. Hugely sluggish. This is a giant slug that was on my work front porch yesterday. I moved him or her to a safer location, using a piece of paper.

Thee wife is heading to Costa Rica today. Like always, if I fail to post, send sandwiches!

No Walk Tuesday

It was pouring rain when the dawgs and I went out for our morning walk. There was spectacular lightning and thunder.

The dawgs, especially Daisy, don’t seem to know how to handle the extra time indoors

My view from here.

There’s not much to post about, except the rain.

My phone wasn’t properly plugged into the charger last night. This morning, I picked it up and “poink”, it came unplugged. Normally I play some card games in bed before going to sleep, last night I didn’t. If I had, my phone would be properly charged. Now, I’m in for a day of hardship, scrounging power whenever I get the chance..

Have a great day!

Memory Monday

I was thinking this weekend about something I remembered from a long time ago. I never actually forgot it, but I was thinking about it.

Probably 1997 or ’98, on a particular day, I was supposed to met this girl at the Westin Beach.

On that particular day, it was raining, hard n’ steady. I didn’t think she’d show up, but I went anyway, in case she did.

I remember that day, sitting on a lounge chair, under an umbrella, on my nice dry towel, in my nice dry raincoat, reading my nice dry book in the pouring rain. I think I had the whole of Seven Mile Beach to myself.

It rained yesterday, and darn it, I couldn’t mow the yard, and it looks like another rainy day today. Saturday was nice though, and I did more painting on my roof. I pretty much got it all painted, I’m just double coating till I run out of paint.

Have a good week, stay dry!


I didn’t post yesterday, had to leave home early. Pleasingly, I had two “complaints” about not posting.

For the first time, I had two bunches of bananas ready at the same time. They don’t look like much in the picture above, but there’s a lot. Last time, I let them ripen on the tree, but then they were all ripe at once and we had a hard time eating them all. When you pick ’em green, they ripen in phases. Mo’ betta!

Above is about half, after giving most away to the neighbors and co-workers.

When I call them bananas, I am asked, “Are they bananas? Or are they bottlers?” Well, they are bottlers, a type of banana. (pronounced BOT-ler)

Wikipedia says: The types of bananas and plantains has been estimated to be anything from around 300 to more than 1000. Names are highly confused, even within a single country.

I looked it up because I wasn’t sure how to spell “Bottler”. Second guess would be botler, but it doesn’t look right in print…

Hopefully, I’ll receive some clairification from some NEW commentators!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

It Must By My Time Of The Month

Sorry about my dirty windshield.

In the US, they drive on the right side of the road, in Cayman, we drive on the CORRECT side of the road.

Number one rule of roundabouts, give way to traffic coming from your right. Number two rule of roundabouts, never stop in the roundabout. This professional driver is a complete moron. After he pulled out in front of me and I honked, he stopped, acting like was going to get out of his truck. I kinda wish he woulda.

It must be my time of the month to meet asshole drivers….

Happy Hump Day!

Taxis Can’t Drive

Cayman taxi drivers are the worst drivers in the world. They are always screwing up. Every time you see a taxi on the road, you are in danger.. No turn signals, swerving around crazily. Creeping along in the fast zones and speeding in the slow. Oblivious to the traffic around them. Worlds Worst Drivers. Yesterday, I almost got whacked, not really, because I was watching him, knowing in advance he’d screw up. He did not disappoint. Changed lanes right in front of me, cutting me off, and slowing down, like he wanted to be hit.

Have a nice day!

Memory Loss Weekend

Had a productive weekend. painted the roof, compensating tor two different color paints. Not done yet, almost.

Went to a friends going away party.

I can’t seem to remember enough to fill up the whole weekend, like Saturday… Let’s see. We went out to lunch at Sunset House . Then we went to the nursery, my wife bought some fertilizer and I got a frog that matches our birdbath perfectly. I shoved the water hose in thru the hole in the bottom and now the water squirts out the frogs mouth.

And that’s about it for today! Have a great week!

Need/Want A Gimbal

Above is a time lapse video of my swim out to Sand Cay yesterday. The camera, mounted to the front of my freediving float, was taking a picture every two seconds, played back at eight frames per second.

It’s pretty jumpy, and that could be helped with a gimbal.

Steadies your camera on three axis’s. They make them to hold phones too.

On my want list.

Have a great weekend!

The Puppy From Flatheads

Flathead is a dog that lives around the corner and down the road. There are other dogs there too. Three, because he walks on three legs, Four, an almost identical dog that walks on four legs. And The Puppy.

I named them all that because I don’t know any of their real names.

Well, this morning, I looked outside and The Puppy was in our yard with Lenny and Daisy. Must have jumped the fence. They were runnin’ around, laughing it up, having a good ‘ol time. By the way, The Puppy isn’t a puppy anymore.

So I had to go down, put our dogs in, open the gate, and chase him out.

But dangit, I sure don’t need that dog to teach our dawgs how to climb fences.

Yesterday, I got Daisy some new jewelry for her necklace.

The old one just said “Daisy” and had my phone number on the other side, my wife wanted it to have her number on the other side, so I had it re-done, with Daisy’s first and middle names, plus her Honorific Title. (Ya know, like Mr. Mrs. or Miss in front of a name)

The weatherman keeps saying rain and it keeps being sunny and I keep driving the van. I wanna ride the scooter!

Better to say rain and have sunshine than vice-versa!

Have a great day!

Dog Training

Dawgs in the dark.

The new dawg is borderline outta control, I have begun my strict training routine. First, it’s sit/stay. We’ve been halfheartedly trying to train them, but now it’s time to get militant.

Lenny, who has been so shy, he’s been difficult to train, (because if he doesn’t know what’s going on, he’d run away) is getting more confident, and has reached a trainable stage. Daisy, she’s a hopeless puppy still. But she’s ready.

Our walk this morning was very productive in the sit/stay department. The problem now is making them obey when they’re not on the leash.

Everything I know about dog training, I learned from the internet.

It’s supposed to be sunny today, getting rainier tonight.

Have a great day!