Starting Now!

Today the housesitters//petsitters arrive. We are spending two days with then till we go to Costa Rica on Thursday.

The vacation routine starts now. Sure, I’ll be going to work today, and tomorrow, but the normal routine at the house will be different.

I had a crazy day yesterday, so much to get done a work before I go, so much to do around here before I go. I got home later than expected, exhausted and crabby. I wanted to work on the roof, get ready to paint, but I just smoked a cigar and looked at it.

From now on, I’m just going minute by minute, if I get something done, great, if I don’t, I don’t care.

Mentally, I’m flying low and level, I’ll perk up when I get on the plane for COSTA RICA!!!!

Monday Morning Shave

I dislike having whiskers. I usually don’t shave weekends, and all weekend, especially by Sunday night, the hair growth on my face and head makes them feel like they’re dirty. I suffer through it though, because shaving’s a pain, and because of the Monday Morning Shave! Tuesday through Friday, I scrape scrape scrape, getting that one day old stubble off. But Mondays, them long whiskers come off easy! And it’s the smoothest, best shave of the week!

So there’s one good thing about Mondays for ya!

Have a great week!

Weird Dog Friday

Sheba started barking this morning about 4 AM. Never knew what she was barking at. Heard a faraway noise once, but didn’t know what it was. They were pulling like hell the whole walk, they wanted to go semewhere and check something out. Behind a fence a dog was barking/howling like I’ve never heard before. Started as a bark, that turned into a howl and lasted till the dog ran out of breath. Wish I was carrying my voice recorder…

Thursday coming up, Wife and I head to Costa Rica! Looking forward to this trip. We spend Thursday night in Ft Lauderdale.

Today is a small going away party for my old part time boss, Malcolm. He was a good boss. Our new boss seems pretty good too. The party is at Pizza Hut. I like their salad bar, my favorite on the island. And good pizza too. Malcolm’s heading back to the UK on the British Airways redeye tonight.

Pizza! Yeay!

My alarm went off at 4:45 this morning for the first time. It’s mo bettah!

Have a great weekend!

4:45, Better than 5:00

This mornng, I woke up a little earlier than normal, 4:45. I took my phone to the bathroom and was already mostly shaved when the alarm went off. Plus, I got to hear the 5:00 AM news from the beginning! I’ve heard of this concept before, adjusting myself to meet conditions around me. What a great idea! I think I’ll reset my alarm!


Have a great day!!!!!

Again No Internet

Our home internet is down since yesterday. Again. Again there are promises of a repair in hours, which probably will end up taking weeks.
I’m typing this on my word processor program so I can copy, paste, and publish when I get to a place with internet.
Funny how much we depend on the internet. My calorie counter program won’t work, can’t connect to its food database, and my activity tracker program can’t connect to my phone, which seems odd, because the WiFi is working, just without internet.. (How do you spell wifi? Wifi? WIFI?) Mobile devices seem useless and boring without internet.
I went to Cayman Brac yesterday for work. It was quite a long day, so it seemed. But it was good to be back on the Brac. below are some non-work related pics that I had the chance to take.

Travlin’ Tim at the Cayman Brac Airport
Brac Reef Resort from the air. (Where my wife worked when I met her)
Caribbean Country
My plane to the Brac, “The Saab”.

Havva happy hump day!

Couldn’t Can’t

I couldn’t post yesterday, I was waiting tof my device to complete an operation and time came to go to work before it was finished. This morning, I’m goung to work early because I have to catch the plane to Cayman Brac for the day.

Have a great day!

Two Weeks From Yesterday

Thirteen days till the wife and I go to Costa Rica. I want to get the roof painted before we go but it looks like I’l not going to make it. I really want it to be a nice sundeck for our housesitters.

Wife is back tomorrow. Thinking of asking her if she wants to switch sides of the bed. Since she’s been gone, I’ve been sleeping with the door open, giving a nice, cool breeze. It’s good sleepin’ all snuggled under a blanket. The wife likes the door closed, because a streetlight down the street shines right on her pillow. It wouldn’t bother me! Plus I could have a cool little fort in the corner there!

Need a new toilet bowl flusher handle, it broke yesterday. That gives me a good excuse to “duck out” at work today! Plus I have a few other errands I could take care of…

It’s Friday! Chance of rain this weekend, bad for my “work on roof” plans, but oh well, it’s Friday and the wife’ll be home in 29 hours!

Have a great weekend!

Rambler Rambling

Yesterday, for some reason, I thought it was Tuesday. So, that makes it seem like a quick week. Quick weeks are good, quick weekends are not.

The wife is back Saturday.

Above is a picture I took of the house yesterday. Below is a pretty seaplane that was at the airport yesterday too.

And there ya have it! A rambling picture post!

Don’t Kill My Babies!

After yesterdays post about cotton stainer bugs, everybody here and on Facebook says they’re going to try to kill them.

They’re cute, pretty bugs! Don’t kill ’em! Besides, I discovered their source in the house, the wife had a plant trimming growing roots in water, and I think they must have hatched on it. I took the whole thing outside, mystery solved!

Since they were born in my house, that makes them my babies, so don’t kill my babies!

In other news, this morning I was looking for the tiny, crescent moon that I expected might be visible just before sunrise. When I started my dogwalk, it wasn’t visible, but I saw it on the way home, and took the picture below when I got home. Venus, not in the picture, was much brighter than the moon, and I’m quite impressed with this shot.

Tiny crescent moon.

Tomorrow, the moon won’t be visible, and I rekkon the next time we’ll see it will be in the evening sky, day after tomorrow, or day after day after tomorrow.

Have a great day!! Happy Hump Day! (Woke up thinkin’ it was Tuesday..)

Cotton Stainer Bug

Happy Tuesday!

I got nothing to post about today. There seems to be a lot of pretty, red bugs that look like fireflys in the house lately. I just collected about 10 off the kitchen ceiling with the dustpan brush and released them outside. They’re red, with a black X on their backs. I should have taken a picture first. I always see them at the beach, just where the trees start, where the sand starts mixing with the dirt.

I just Googled “Cayman red insects with black X on their backs” and found a picture of them.

Funny how inaccurate my descrition of them was…

Below is from here.

The cotton stainer, Dysdercus suturellus, is a pretty bug that does ugly damage to certain plants, including cotton. Both adults and nymphs feed on the seeds in cotton bolls and stain the cotton an undesirable brownish-yellow in the process. Before the advent of chemical controls for this crop pest, the cotton stainer caused serious economic damage to the industry.

Unfortunately, the cotton stainer doesn’t limit its attention to cotton plants. This red bug (that’s the actual name for the family, Pyrrhocoridae) damages everything from oranges to hibiscus. Its U.S. range is limited to mainly to southern Florida.

I don’t think they do any damage, we’ve got some lemon trees on the porch, but the bugs aren’t on them, I think they flew into the house.

Anyway, I started with nothing and ended up with what I think is a fairly decent post. You know about cotton stainer bugs!

Have a great day!