Happy Friday Y’all!

Happy Friday! I wierd thing happened on my keyboard yesterday. The and the @ switched places. Yup, press shift and 2 and you get and press shift and ‘ and you get @. Anybody ever heard of that? There’s nothing on the internet about it.

Here it’s clear, and windy. And cold! I’m wearing a jacket. I rekkon I’ll ride the scooter this morning, but thinking about the van because of the comfort feature. But thinking about the discomfort of the heavy traffic on the ride home, makes me indecisive. I won’t know till I pick up my keys on the way out. (I have a separate keyring for my scooter.)

I’m glad it’s Friday. I have outdoor projects planned unless it rains, (which it might) and an indoor project if it does.

Now I’m at work. I was typing this and all of a sudden, my “go to work” alarm went off, surprising me. Time certainly is flying!

Have a great weekend!

The Photo Contest

This month, a WhatsApp group of us have been having a photo challenge. Submit a pic a day with the above topic. It’s been pretty fun. Here’s my pic for today, “Happy Place”.

My back porch, in the sun.

I like this picture. I would have (obviously) taken a pic of the beach, or the sea, but I like the shadow of the slats of the chair.

Cloudy here, very windy. Cold front moved through last night.

It’s Thursday. Been a quick week, which is good. Tomorrows payday!

Have a WONDERFUL day!

Humpty Dumpty

Light at the north and south poles.

Tomorrow is the equinox. One of the two “Hump Days” of the earth. The sun moves into the northern hemisphere sometime today or tomorrow. Start of the longer days, warmer waters. (Here in the summer, the water temp is about 86 degrees F, but in the winter, it plummets to 82 F! Brrrr!)

Yesterday, I received my building permit for the downstairs addition on the house. Hopefully, and quite probably construction will take less time than getting the permit! Hopefully, it costs less too!

Looking back over the past few days, my posts seem pretty negative to me. Not really an accurate depiction f how I generally feel throughout the day. Overall, I know my life is fantastic.

Today, is another dentists appointment, to finish a root canal started last time. Then pull my broken tooth, and get ready for the implant. And two caps. I should be in tip-top shape after that! Hopefully, home additionn construction costs less than all my recent dental work! Ha Ha!

Have a great day!

Continuation of Crabbiness

Yesterday, my post indicated that I wasn’t in a good mood, but I failed to describe why.

I used to run and swim every morning. Now I just walk the dogs. I really liked running and swimming. I used to stop on the way home from work every day, and swim the half mile. Then I started having to have to come home in hopes dogs haven’t peed all over the place.

How did I get shenaggled into this? I can’t tell you the last time I set foot on Seven Mile Beach. I still go to the beach at lunchtime, but it’s only an hour.

It’s nobody’s fault but mine. It’s like I just quit, and am blaming others.

I used to dive every weekend, sometimes after work. When’s the last time I posted an underwater photo here?

I need to get off my damn dead ass.

The Teacup Theory

My brain is floating in a teacup filled with clear water. There’s a tiny littlee pump and a tiny little filter that slowly circulates the water and cleans it.

When I get angry, it’s like someone threw a teabag in the teacup, and the water gets all brown.

Brown water = anger.

Even when the source of the anger goes away, (someone takes the teabag out of the teacup), I stay angry for a while, because it takes a while for the tiny pump and tiny filter to clean the tea-water until it’s clear again.

My theory is that anger is just some chemical squirted out by the brain.

What’s really distrubing, is that this morning, I did an image search for “Human brain floating in a teacup” and got no results.

Have a great week!

New Zealand Atrocity

Well, the last 12 hours have not been good for New Zealand. Mass shooting. I’m at a loss for words, I have all kinds of thoughts, across a broad spectrum, usually followed by “Is that how I feel? That’s not right.” Then I think something on the other end of the spectrum followed by “Is that how I feel? That’s not now I feel either.”

I don’t care what someone’s religion is, as long as they don’t fuck with other people. But if they fuck with other people, they need to be dealt with. I doubt the people in those Mosques were messing with anyone.

I’ve always thought I had prejudice concerning people from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Maldives and that general area. I seem I like them all. I like the way they talk, and I like the way they think, in that, when I’m talking to them, it’s enjoyable to me.

I never wondered if they were Hindu, Muslim, or any other religion, I have always liked them, primarily, I guess, because of their accent . I got a feeling of emotion, hearing the survivors and witnesses talking on the radio news this morning, because they sound like people I’d like.

Hopefully it’s all over and never happens again.

Happy Friday, have a great weekend.

I’m Everybody’s Cash Cow

Yesterday I set a new record for sitting in a dentist chair. 3 hours, 20 minutes. It was not pleasant. Over $1800 out of pocket. Went in for a filling and ended up with a root canal. And don’t ask me the details, I’m not going to explain it in the comments section. I knew it might not be filling-able shortly after he started. I maxxed out my health insurance long ago.

Trying to get the building permit for our room adddition. Every month, the architect calls with some new, additional fee. This month it’s $164 for EEI or IEE or some such nonsense.

I’m getting tired of it. There’s no way to check the validity of everyone’s claims.

Get me to the weekend!

Over and OUT!

Overflowing Wood Wednesday

I saw this old tree trunk in the parking lot next door from where I work. I thought it was quite fantastic. The wood seemed to fill he curb to overflowing. Pity someone saw fit to cut down the tree.

All the trees along this line were cut down because there was power lines going through. What a waste of a cool tree. Many cool trees.

Have a great day!

Golaith, On Amazon.

Happy Tuesday! It’s morning here, made my lunch already, drinking coffee and posting a post. Same as very weekmorning.

This morning, I put th coffee on th stove, started making my lunch, and realized that I hadn’t turned the stove on. Coffee not goin’ So I turned it on, and you know, my precise schedule was disrupted.

The wife and I have been watching a TV show on Amazon called Golaith. It is pretty good. About an old lawyer who has seen better days. Worth a watch. We’re on episode 3 (I think) and it’s a little guy takes on big guy and wins typa thing.

I guess that’s about all I for my post today. I’m seeing the dentist today, and seeing the dentist tomorrow…

Have a great day!

Mixing Old Paint

It was a nice weekend. Saturday, I added a shelf to the wife’s screen house. I am pleased with how it came out. The wife is too. I painted it (before I installed it) with some old oil base primer that I had. It was very old, and I didn’t think it was going to mix. An inch below the surface, it was pretty solid. I mixed it with one of those mixers that go on your electric drill, and when I painted it on, it was very thick, it had the consistency of whip cream.

The Screen House, which you’ve seen before.
The shelf, see the yellow arrows.

We went to a friend’s swimming pool, and I put the new camera housing in the water for the first time, without the camera. I guess now I’m ready to take the camera underwater.

Sunday, didn’t do much, I took a nap, highlight of the day.

This week I have two dental appointments, almost done!

Have a great week!