Video From Time-Lapse Photos

I’m trying to make a video from time lapse photos using my Android Device. So far, all I’ve been able to do is make a video slideshow.

My Andriod Editor Collection

Power Director is what I’ve used so far, and tit’s good, but it puts a huge watermark on the video. I don’t mind getting the paid version to get rid of this, but their system is pay for a subsciption, which I don’t like. I’ll pay a one-time fee, but I don’t wanna subscribe for a part-time, time limited app. I’ve since downloaded KineMaster and FilmoraGo for testing. KineMaster, I looked at briefly and I don’t think it’s going to work for me. I’ll be checking out FilmoraGo today.

Anybody got any suggestions?

Cloudy here, good rrain last night. Tomorrow’s FRIDAY! It feels like Friday today…

Have a good one!

The Mystery Of The Broken Ribs Sensation

Last week, I added a short, quick abdominal exercise routine to my beach lunch hours.

After the first day (last Thursday I think), I felt a not-unpleasant “It’s working-good” kinda soreness. I did the routine again the next day. The next morning, I felt like I had broken all my ribs. Bad pain on the outsides of my back and my sides, not my spine, but everything else. It hurt to inhale. I didn’t know if it was because of the exercises or not. It was a very different pain than the good-soreness previously

So I rested up over the weekend, and then did the abs routine again. I felt the feeling. The Planking exercise.

This cartoon guy even kinda looks like me..

Look at the picture above. Look at the red hot agony of the abs. On me, the red zone reached much further around my back.

I probably used some muscles I had never used before in my life.

Mystery solved.

Do you think I should quit the Planking part of the exercises? Nooooo, I’m doubling up on them. I like that you can feel it, and the pain today is nothing compared to initially.

Today is supposed to get cloudy and rainy. In fact, it’s starting to sprinkle right now! Out of an almost clear blue sky! I gotta go!

Have a good day!


2019, Olden Times

One would think, that by the year 2019, the human race could have developed a flashlight that worked. I have 50+ years experience with flashlights, and don’t recall ever having one that worked worth a dang.

The rest of the world calls them torches, Cayman Islands and the US call them flashlights. A torch is a stick, with fire on one end.

I get up, pre-dawn, I use a flashlight so my wife can continue sleeping. I can think of 3 flashlights on my nightstand, there’s probably more, if I went and looked. All of them are intermittent. They suddenly go off, or go half dim, and you gotta whack ’em to make ’em come back on.. The flashlights today are no better than the flashlights we had on the Cub Scout camping trips in the 1960’s. I have spent my life searching endlessly for a good flashlight, never have I found one.

Someday, in the future, if mankind ever evolves beyond the primitive, caveman stage, technology will come up with a decent, reliable, affordable FLASHLIGHT that anyone can obtain and use.


Have a great day!

Dawg Training Class

On Sundays, at the Public beach, there’s a dog training class. We’ve been going for several Sundays in a row. I think it’s more a social event for the dogs, because it’s pretty much the beginner class every time.

There’s always new dogs there from the Humane Society, and several regulars. Our two dogs like it and they get to go to the beach!

It’s another Monday. I am NOT thrilled.

Have a great week!

Learning To Drive, Eventually

Every Friday, I say “It’s Friday”, so today I’m not going to say “It’s Friday” The words “It’s Friday” will appear nowhere in this post.

Yesterday evening, I went to the Hyperbaric Chamber for an intro. It is very cool. I rekkon I’ll follow through with it and become an operator. First, you start off as an attendent, going in the chamber with the patient. Then you learn to “drive” the chamber, controlling the gas inside and the pressure. Then, many many “cycles” later, you can possibly become a supervisor, and sit back at the desk, and supervise.

Pic from the internet, I refrained from taking pictures last night.

That’s if for today, have a great weekend! See? I went the whole post and didn’t say “It’s Friday” once!



How many tickles does it take to make a squid laugh?


I don’t know why, but that just popped into my head this morning, and got stuck there.

Lenny the dawg is turning into the little hellion of the yard. He’s messing with the cats and the chickens. Ad making noise. The cats seem to know he’s not malicious, he just wants to play. They don’t want to play, and they run. Lenny barks and chases them. At Oh-Dark-Thirty in the morning, this is not conducive to good relations with the neighbors. Plus it disrupts my morning routine. My morning routine shall not be messed with.

Lenny is improving. You can say “NO!” or “Bad!” without it being the end of the world. And in the mornings, when I put the leash on him to take him with me on MY walk, he is absolutely the happiest creature on earth.

I say MY walk, because while most dog walkers move at a pace of about two feet per minute, because the dog has to sniff everything, my dogs walk fast with a tight lead, power walking. Sheba can’t run for long, so we walk.

Powah Wakkah!
Definitely not me. Keep them dawgies tight!

Tonight I start training to operate the hyperbaric chamber at the hospital. Decompressing bent divers and treatment for certain medical patients. Should be interesting, and there’s a salary too!

Have a great day!

Two Pic Tuesday

Potted Plants
My wife’s wine, and me bumping the table with my elbow. wish I could have held the camera still. More stiller?

Two Pic Tuesday, sounds like a famous rapper dude, doesn’t it?

Yesterday at lunch I swam out to the island. Then it started raining. From the Cayman Cloud. I was under the only spot on earth it was raining. It was lugubrious. I swam back and my towel was soaked, waiting for me on the beach. Then I was freezing all afternoon. Note to self: keep and extra towel in the van.

Have a great day!

Weekend Over

It was a good weekend, seemed pretty long for two day weekend.

Wife had to work Saturday, at a dog show, she took Lenny and when she got home, I had my atrocity. While she was working, I fixed some water damage on one of our walls. Then Saturday night we went to an Annual Marriage Day dinner.

Le menu

Sunday, we took both dogs to the Sunday Beach Dog school.

Me and the dogs, Pic by my wife

Then we washed cars. Using the pressure washer and my new, shop vacuum cleaner!

The Dawgs were giving me a hard time on our walk this morning, Sheba is teaching Lenny bad tricks, thinking she’s one of the tough chicks. (that rhymes)

And I’m running late, couldn’t find the tupperware that I put my lunch in, and a bug landed in my coffee, wrecked my whole schedule.

Have a great week!

One Of The Worst Things I Ever Did.

I feel better now, Goldie’s home, safe and sound. All yesterday afternoon and last night, I was praying, “God forgive me, please bring Goldie home OK.” Over and over and over. It was my last thought before going to sleep, and my first thought when I woke up.

Yesterday, just fooling around, I put a leash on Goldie. He freaked out super bad. I let the leash go as soon as he started freakin,’ because the thing usually falls off of Lenny, but not this time. Goldie ran off in the woods, got the leash tangled in the bush, and almost got strangled. When I made it back to him, (I cut right through the thorny bush, bloody legs and ankles be damned) he was ready to pass out. His tongue and gums looked purple.

The wife was there, the whole time, she cut through the bush too, but she was more careful, and didn’t get all cut up like I did. She knew I felt so terrible, she hardly got mad, and was reassuring me he’d be OK.

I got the leash off, and held him a few minutes while he gasped for air. Then he struggled down, and took off. He didn’t show for supper last night, but he was here this morning, right as rain.

Last night I felt terrible, I felt like a truly bad person, to the core. I am so thankful he was here this morning. I’m still thinking I might be a truly bad person. A bad person doesn’t think they’re an bad peson and can’t really know they’re a bad person, right? Maybe this is an indicator of my true nature.

I will never forget it as long as I live.