2019, Olden Times

One would think, that by the year 2019, the human race could have developed a flashlight that worked. I have 50+ years experience with flashlights, and don’t recall ever having one that worked worth a dang.

The rest of the world calls them torches, Cayman Islands and the US call them flashlights. A torch is a stick, with fire on one end.

I get up, pre-dawn, I use a flashlight so my wife can continue sleeping. I can think of 3 flashlights on my nightstand, there’s probably more, if I went and looked. All of them are intermittent. They suddenly go off, or go half dim, and you gotta whack ’em to make ’em come back on.. The flashlights today are no better than the flashlights we had on the Cub Scout camping trips in the 1960’s. I have spent my life searching endlessly for a good flashlight, never have I found one.

Someday, in the future, if mankind ever evolves beyond the primitive, caveman stage, technology will come up with a decent, reliable, affordable FLASHLIGHT that anyone can obtain and use.


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2 thoughts on “2019, Olden Times

  1. I sould do a post on flashlights too. If I see a unique flashlight I can’t help but buy it. Recently I found an old promo giveaway flashlight. It’s 3 inches long, has 5 LEDs, and is powered by 4 button batteries. I keep it in my pocket. I have no idea how old the batteries are. It won’t die and I use it all the time. I think one day I will die with this thing in my pocket.

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