Sounds Of Mars

I made the first three videos below from the audio on fourth video. I extracted the audio, then edited it and screengrabbed it while it played back in my Lexis Audio Editor, then mixed the audio with the screengrabbed video. I think it helps be be able to “see” the audio as you hear it.

The first is what the human ear would probably hear from the wind on Mars. YOU PROBABLY CAN’T HEAR IT WITHOUT GOOD HEADPHONES, TURNED UP LOUD! It is very low frequency, and if you have good headphones and turn it up to max volume, you ( I ) seem to “feel” it in your ears more than hear it. You can see it’s quite a large signal, but it’s near the lower limit of human hearing, therefore hard to hear. I find it fascinating.

In the second video, the audio has been pitched up two octaves, placing it easily within the human audio range. (Remember, you might still have your headphones all the way up and may want to lower the volume a bit)

In the video below, the sound comes from a different instrument on the InSight lander, and has been multiplied by 100, thereby increasing the frequency by 100. It sounds really weird.

The video below is the story that was all over the news, you’ve possibly seen it already. Like I already said, the audio for the first three videos came from the audio in the video below. Their explanation is much more thorough than mine. You’ll hear all the same sounds as in my videos again, but I like my videos because there is a good visual reference to go with the sound.

Hope you enjoyed this post, I enjoyed making it! It took quite a lot of work and I hope you’ll leave a comment!

Playing Hardball With Dogfood

Sheba has been not eating, we used to pour gravy into her food to get her to eat. My wife read the above article, and now we’re playing hardball. I’m not sure I like it. It doesn’t seem to be working. Sheba has barely eaten anything in, this is the third day.

I think dinner should be a joy for dogs. They should love it and woof it down. On the other hand, we, as the pet owners, are responsible for their health and diet, and Sheba is on food prescribed by the vet to help her lose weight. (I bet it tastes like crap.) But Sheba has done the same thing with every food we try (except canned food). So I’m kind of torn, if Sheba’s like me, Hunger Equals Anger, and although she doesn’t seem hungry or crabby, I’m keeping an eye on her.

Happy Sunday!

Thursday My Friday

It’s Thursday, my Friday this week. I’m off work tomorrow. And Monday and Tuesday.

Yesterday I didn’t post. I sat here, ticking away the moments that make up a dull pre-work-blog-post-time. Frittering and wasting the pre-work-blog-post-time in an offhand way. Kicking around on the piece of ground that’s my back porch, waiting for someone or something to show me what to say.

Nothing happened. Then I went to work.

The weather has been great, scooter every day. Today looks good too, but I feel like taking the van.

Last night we went to the seasons first Christmas party. At The Wife’s water exercise class place. Fitness Connection. My first time there. Of course, there was no working out, just lots and lots of food. And booze.

And that’s about it, another candidate for Worlds Most Boring Blog Post.

Award Winning!

Have a great day! And weekend!

Wrong Way Bikers

How my day started yesterday.

Yesterday, driving to work, I witnessed a bicycle/car accident. Lucky no one was hurt. I always worry about that early morning driving. The sun is right in your eyes this time of year. Plus the bike riders were going the wrong way around the roundabout.  The biker guy got up after the crash, angry, and stormed for the car. I called out “Don’t kill him, you were going the wrong way!” He calmed down instantly. They traded info, and I offered a copy of the video. (The car driver called, and I emailed it to him). Then I asked the bikers if they wanted to put their (brand new) bikes in the back of my van and I’d give them a ride to work. They did. I think I was more shook up than anyone else there!

Yesterday at my beachlunch, I took the following pics of a beautiful ship. They were putting up the sails as they went by,

It was a good lunch hour, and a good day, overall.

You have a good day too!

Four Foto Monday

We gave Sheba a chew skin dog treat yesterday, she wasn’t sure she liked it. She held it in her mouth for quite a while before not eating it.  I thought she was quite cute.

The camera cannot capture the coolness of these water droplets caught in the succulents leaves. In reality, they look like liquid clear siver metal.

It was a perfect weekend, in that I didn’t leave the property from Friday when I got home from work, till this morning, when I took Sheba on our walk. I don’t feel good about it this morning though. I feel like I wish I had gone to the beach this weekend. Also, last night there was a Hanukka candle lighting at the Ritz beach that I wish I’d gone to. Wife has a bad knee this weekend, all swollen and sore. She wanted to stay home, and I lazily agreed.

Have a great week!