Suddenly Slow As Snails Saturday

The guy who was going to help with the doors today backed out. Apparently, some other job came up. So suddenly, my full day is empty.

The pictures above are two snails having a chat last week on the sidewalk at work.

I really need to get the door changed out, it’s probably quite easy, but I’d like to have someone with some experience guiding me.

The frame is rotted. Notice the hinge screws laying on the porch as well…

Several months ago, I started some concrete work on the roof. Just mending some joints in the corners. Someone told me how to do it, and I started, but it was coming out messy. So now I’m on the verge of paying someone to come and do it for me. I know it will cost a lot. Too much. These household projects are getting away from me!

The wife liked her phone! They didn’t have any color except black, but I also got a cover/case that is a similar color as the phone in yesterdays picture.

And it’s going to be a nice, sunny day!

Have a good one!

First Day Back In Fins

First off, it is with great sadness I report the death of one of the rescue divers in the Thailand Boys Stuck In A Cave situation. It changes the tone of everything.

Sanan Gunan, former Thai Navy diver and hero who gave his life for others.

Yesterday I went snorkeling for first time in fins since “the accident”. They were fine, my foot started getting sore after about a half hour, so I headed in.

It was pretty wavy, and the visibility wasn’t too good, but I took a few pictures.

Boxfish and friend

The same boxfish.

A plain ‘ol fish.

In fact, that’s just about all the pictures I took…

Glad it’s Friday, it seemed long, for a short week. Tomorrow I plan on changing out our two upstairs outside doors and doorframes, all the way to the brick. I have a rotten door frame. I have a friend who knows what he’s doing doing it and I’m helping.

Last night, I rode my scooter for the first time in about two months. It was a pain to start, the break lever is sitcky and the kickstand is in need ot a lube job. I also broke the plastic next to the gas cap, because the cap wouldn’t go back on properly after I got gas.

My wife needs a new phone. I think I’m going to go get her one as a surprise today. A Galaxy S9.

I’ve been wanting to get her one for a while, and she keeps telling me to wait. I’ll wait till after I go to the bank this morning…. Supposed to have an excellent camera!

Have a great weekend!

Lame Scam Attempt

I have my old tablet advertised on the local sell-stuff website, I don’t really expect to sell it, because it’s a good tablet and I’m not giving it away.

So I was mildly surprised when I got a response last night.

Anyway I responded to his email, and he replied:

The numbers I’ve drawn on the picture are the order in which the emails went back and forth.

I was suspicious when he asked i my item is still “for sell” instead of “for sale”. Although I can’t type a single, solitary sentence without making a typo, I’ve noticed fakes also can’t spell and/or type.

But I replied, ready for the stomach-punch when he tried to negotiate the price.

But that never happened. He’s in the US, and is going to send me extra money to ship it.

If you’re in the US, buddy, why don’t you go down to the corner and buy a new one? Notice at the top of the original Ecay message, “DON’T SHIP ITEMS”.

I didn’t hear back after my “nope” response. I coulda played him on for longer, but nobody got time for that!

Although that Nigerian Prince that has me for as his long lost, sole surviving relative still hasn’t been able to give away all that cash!

Have a great day!

LATER: I just received this email… Ya think?

Scum Of The Earth, Apparently

Next month I’m going to visit my mom for the weekend. I bought my ticket off of Travelocity. Now, apparently, to the airlines, I’m the scum of the earth, or at very best, a third (or lower) class traveller.

I didn’t get assigned a seat, so I went over the the airlines web page, and found out that with my ticket, I don’t ever get to pick my seat, and I can’t even use the overhead bin!

I just wanted a normal ticket, not a lower-than-I-knew-existed class ticket. At no time did I check a checkbox marked “No Class”, or “flies strapped underneath the plane class”.

I’m already dreading this flight.

Usually I use American Express Travel, and I will only use American Express Travel from now on.

As soon as I post this post, I’m headed to the Travelocity website and complaining. I didn’t do anything to feel like I’m being treated like crap.

Had a good walk this morning, thought about trying a little running, but didn’t. My foot hurts, but not where it was broken. I decided that I’ll wait the till the full six weeks is done before I start running again.

Here, looks like rain, weatherman says 40%. I have a new umbrella, it won’t rain.

Happy Independence Day, USA! Normal workday here.

Have a great day!

Thailand Cave Boys

I’ve been following this story since they got lost. I was hoping that they’d be found alive. This reminds me a little of the Chilean miners trapped and rescued years ago.

Thailands Cave Boys Football Team

On the BBC this morning, the rescuers are trying to figure out how to get the boys out, many can’t swim, and the cave is quite flooded. Also, they have to carefully be re-introduced to food, which they hadn’t had for days. (They took a picnic lunch with them in the cave

Looks like they’ll be giving the boys some scuba lessons!

Looks like they did some serious uphill climbing in the cave!

All the pics came from the BBC article HERE.

Below is a pic of the moment the boys were first found. It’s from a video you can see on the BBC website.

It gives me the warm fuzzies that this group was found, and they’re basically OK. I hope they can get them all out safely and quickly!

It’s a Monday-like Tuesday. Yesterday was our last holiday till November.

Looks like rain today…

Have a wonderful week!

The Mystery Elephant Speech

My good friends, Caymanians, distinguished guests, Madame Speaker and members of the Legislative Assembly, immigration and police officials, visiting dignitaries, ladies and gentlemen of the press, my millions upon millions of daily readers, and of course, my Most Valued, Blog Commentators.

The Cayman Islands is not commonly known for its elephant population. I, however, am quite concerned with the sudden appearance of the above-pictured elephant in the vacant lot behind the Cost-U-Less store.

I was driving home from work about three weeks ago, and noticed aforementioned elephant in aforementioned picture in aforementioned vacant lot. My first thought as I legally drove by, not exceeding the speed limit, in my properly licensed and insured vehicle, was that it was a pig, a swine, if you will. I thought to myself, “Where did this pig come from? It wasn’t there yesterday.”

The next day, I drove by again and realised that it was intended to appear as an elephant, not a pig. The third day, I felt compelled to stop and take the above photo.

I raised the alarm on social media, and was shocked at the lack of response. Only one person said they noticed it, and nobody really seemed very concerned.

Where did this elephant come from? What is his or her mission? What is its immigration status? Does it have a valid work permit?

As I drove home, warily, and I admit somewhat fearfully, on subsequent days, glancing at the intruding elephant, I began to notice a strange phenomenon. Every day, the elephant seemed to be moving closer to the road! What is the method of locomotion? Do people come every night, and inch it closer to the road? Does it have its own propulsion system? Why is it moving towards the road in such a stealthily manner? What are its intentions? Could it be advancing for a planned attack on the roadway? Does it eat cars or people? Am I the only one concerned about the safety and well-being of our beloved Cayman Islands and Her people from all over the world?

Again I must inquire about the origins of the ghastly beast and its abrupt appearance from seemingly nowhere. Its skin looks not unlike black, plastic trash bag. If the elephant is man-made, where would one possibly find a trash bag so huge? This alone seems to indicate that the origins of this mysterious elephant cannot be of this planet. Was it beamed down to the surface of this planet in a Star Trek type manner? Is there a hostile spacecraft orbiting above us this very minute, with its lethal weapons trained upon us for an imminent attack? Or is there an alien spacecraft hidden in the bush nearby?

All these questions demand a thorough investigation! The Cayman Islands, nay, the entire Earth, could be in the throes of a planetary invasion!

So I implore you, dear readers, do not take this matter lightly. Spring into action, prepare to defend yourselves if necessary. Do not let us be dominated by alien, spaceship-flying, car-and-people-eating, sneaky, trash bag skinned, hostile, invading elephants that try to look like pigs!

Seeking A Friend, ‘Cause I don’t have any! :(

I’m sometimes not too bright.

Last week, I commented on a post. A woman had a Garmin connect screenshot on her blog. I commented that I was going to “add her” on my Garmin connections.

Add Me!

Well, I didn’t do it, and now I can’t remember the Garmin username that I was supposed to look up.

One of the main reasons I’m posting this today, is that except for my wife, I don’t have any Garmin friends. But even more importantly, I said I was going to add this girl and I didn’t! Poor girl is probably worried sick! Probably pacing the floors all night, can’t eat. Checking her phone every fifteen seconds… I looked for the post, but couldn’t find it, Ican’t even remember if it was on the WordPress App or on Feedly. (Maybe I should move everybody to one or the other…)

Now that I think of it, I’m not sure if even my wife and I are Garmin friends…

Yesterday I mowed the yard, (I couldn’t find anyone to do it for me, and was worried about my foot, but it seemed OK) then went to a builders expo with my wife. Then had a big Indian lunch. It was quite good.

Pico Restaurant Buffet

Then we went and saw the 3:30 showing of The Incredibles 2! It was INCREDIBLE!!!! There were lots and lots of kids, bit they were silent, totally engrossed by the movie. Even adults could not have been better behaved.

Then we came home for about a half hour, then went to a friends for some bbq ribs. I ate a lot yesterday.

Now I’m drinking cuppa coffee #2 and today I plan on spraying weed killer on the edges of the lawn, and on all the vines that have grown on our fence. I think the wife set up some kinda beach thing this afternoon, might be tomorrow…

Have a great day!