$500 Fine For Delta Airline Apple

A woman flying from Paris to Colorodo got a $500 fine for a Delta Airline wrapped apple.

She was given the apple right before landing in New York, and put it in her carry on. Then New York TSA found it and gave her a $500 fine.

Those TSA bastards have never done any good since their inception.

Read about it HERE. Or HERE.

It was a good weekend, I walked to the beach yesterday, because I’m trying to make my step goal for a record number of days. I think I’m aat 20 now.

Have a great week!

Earth Day 2018

It’s Earth Day 2018. Leaving in about 10 minutes. This year we’re cleaning within a walking distance of our home.

I’ll add pictures to this post later:

LATER: We’re back!

We collected a bunch of garbage, including a jet ski, a large turtle shell, and a what thee heck is it?

Pulling and pushing a junk jetski to the road.

Old turtle shell. Probably poachers.

What is that thing next to the toilet seat???

Asus VS Samsung

I’ve had an Asus tablet for a long time now, and thinking of replacing it. I’m thinking about another Asus or a Samsung.

Samsung has better specs, and costs more, but the Asus had given me a good experience. But my past few phones have been Samsungs, and they’re good too.

For some reason, none of my images will upload this morning.

Wonder if this post will.

It’s Friday, tomorrow is Earth Day, The Wife and I are on a team to clean up around here. Looking forward to it. Last year, we cleaned up along the North Sound, in a place where I think kids park their cars and party at night. There was a lot of beer bottles. and plastic. On the beaches, the only trash I see is plastic.

Time for me to go to work, have a great Friday and a fantastic weekend!

Spam Magnet

I’ve noticed my post from April 3rd, “Proper Post” has been getting 3 or four spam messages each day.


Wonder what it is about that particular post that attracts spammers? I must gave gotten a dozen comments, a lot from Youtube videos, apparently. Of course, they don’t make it to the site, my spam potectiongets them and I delete them.

I thought it was Thursday night last night. Even whan I realized it was Wednesday, I couldn’t shake that Thursday feeling. Now, that it actually is Thursday, I’m going to feel like I’m doing it all over again.

I am again mildly focused on my disenchantment with wearther apps. I was getting to delete them all, but then my go-to app was wrong yesterday. Said it was going to rain and it didn’t! My go-to weather isn’t an app, it’s a website: HERE. I was sooo disappointed.

Time to go, scooter today, I’m not even checking the weather!

Have a great day!

Rest in peace, Barbara Bush.

When I got out of the Navy, I started working at the US Naval Observatory. Vice President George Bush and Barbara lived there. I’d see her out on her hands and knees, working in the garden. Although I never met them, I feel a connection with them. Rest in peace, Barbara Bush.

Today Seems Odd

Today so far seems weird. I don’t know why. There’s a pretty strong northish breeze, whicj we haven’t had in months. I was having a cool dream when the alarm went off. A dream I remember was cool but I can’t remember the dream.

I can’t put my finger on it.

It’s like I hear the music from Twilight Zone in my head, without the music, just the feeling of it.

I’ll just try to act normal.

Have a good day.

Too Much Time This Morning

Woke up, shaved, went for my walk/run/swim. Came home, did my abs workout app, showered, made coffee, got dressed. Read emails, drink coffee, Now it’s time to post my post and it seems like it should be later.

It was a good weekend, beach yesterday, had friends over for dinner Saturday night.

Now my biggest problem is deciding if I should scooter or drive to work today…

Have a great week!

Picture From Our Roof

I was looking through my photos and found this one I like. Sheba from our roof. I like how jungle-y our yard looks.

This was taken while I was painting the deck a few months ago, see how the furniture is all on one side? The unpainted side.

It’s a Sunday here, and it just rained a little bit. We really need the rain! We need more rain!

I’m lovin’ this new keyboard!