Disc Space Usage

A month or so ago, Google was whining to me about disc space. I had to delete a bunch of files on my G-Drive. I saved google.

Now my hosting company is whining about the same thing. Apparently, this blog is now 11.7 gigabytes in size.

Wonder how I’m gonna fix this. Can’t delete anything. Lots of my old posts have the pictures missing anyway.

I dunno, gotta make a phone call today…

The sea was flatter today than yesterday. Good run and swim this morning. I weighed 180.0 on the scale this morning. Can’t wait to hit the 170’s!

Have a great day!

2018 Equinox

Today the equiox is at 11:15 EST. The sun passes over the equator and will again be in my hemisphere!

That, for me, is a good thing!

The second keyboard arrived yesterday, to replace the one with the burnt out Caps Lock light.

Caps Lock light doesn’t work on this one either. This one doesn’t repeat letters yet, but when it does, I already have my next replacement picked out.

The sea was flat calm this morning. Amazing. I had a good, long, swim and a mile and a half run. I’ll head to work for a few hours, then beach for lunch!

Have a great day!

Exercise, Diet, or defective scale?

I’vve weighed about 190 pounds for so long I don’t eeven weigh myyssef any more .

Last night I weighed myself and I was 180.

Was it because I have been exercising? Because I didn’t eat sugar in February??

I went to bed, woke up, and I weighed 183. I went running, came home and “used the restroom” and weighed 184.2 Thinking there was something wrong with the scale, I weighed myself again. 184.2..

So, I gained 3 pounds from sleeping, and another pound from running a mile and dropping at least a pound or two down the toilet.

Stilll, it was nice seeing thaat 180. I’d like to see a 179. Maybe I’ll give up the sugar again…

Space Wars

Last night I dreamed I was watching a war in space from the earth. I could see the lights of explosions through a blue sky. I also dreamed about trajectory information and spacecraft location, if anybody’s interested.

Thiiss keeyboaard suucks. II liiteralllly spend more ttime corrrecctttinng ttypos thhaan typing.

I’m glad it’ss FFriday thoough!

Cold Makes The World Sadder

It’s cold this morning, I had to wear a jacket on my walk. I didn’t run because I was wearing a jacket and didn’t want to sweaty it up. Since I walked instead of ran, I’m running later than normal. Since I’m running late, I have less time to post. Less time to post means lower quality than my daily standard of supreme excellence. Lower quality post means that my millions, if not billions of readers will be disappointed and unhappy. Millions, if not billions of unhappy readers will make the world a sadder place.

So I hope it warms up!

My daiy silliness.

Have a great day!

The Clouds Who Cried Wolf!

Yesterday, It was cloudy as I was getting ready for work.. So, I took the van. It was nice and sunny. This morning is looking the same way. Think I’m going to fall for it again? Probably!!

Looks pretty lugubrious, doesn’t it?

I was planning on taking the scooter, but not anymore. If it gets sunny, great! If not, I’ll be dry. I’m tempted to ride instead of drive, but the clouds don’t cry wolf!

Have a great day!!

Cloudy Monday After A Good Weekend

I had a good weekend, Saturday I went to a friends birtday party. I set up my little PA system for talking and background music.

It was a nice party. The birthday boy tried to pay me but I said no. He looked disapointed.

Yesterday, we took Sheba to the beach. She loved it!!

Then we went to a friends apartment and hung out by the pool..

It was a very nice weekend and some would be nice too!

Have a great week!!

Friends Birthday Weekend

This weekend is my old Boss’s 80th birthday party. The Director Of Broadcasting at Radio Cayman or many years.

He wants me to do sound for the party. Off coourrse I am doing it.

That’s tomorrow.

New thhinng: my keybooard makess dooublle letterrs tooo mmuch. I guesss the kkeys aree stticcky. New keyyboard, neew sset of prroobllemss. Seee whhat I meaan??

It’ss Friday! HHave a greeat weekkend!!

Be Nice

Years ago, I had a Jeep, (The last year of the AMC Jeep, a clue as how long ago.) and considered myself a big time four wheeler. Actually, it was pretty much a stock Jeep and I’d take it out and get it stuck and usually break something every weekend.

But since I was always getting it stuck, I figured I needed a tow strap, so someone could pull me out, or I coud pull someone else out.

So I got my new tow strap, I’m driving down the road, and see this pickup stuck in the mud. I offered to pull him out for $20. He said he didn’t have $20. I said, “Well, I’ve got this brand new tow strap, and I’m dyin’ to test it out, so I’ll pull you out for nuthin.” I noticed that it felt good saying it. And I hooked it up and pulled him out.

He was grateful, and he went to his truck, telling me he worked for Mack Trucks, and he gave me a brand-new chrome Mack Bulldog hood ornament for pulling him out. It weighed probably 5 pounds. It was my turn to be very grateful.

Truly beautiful. And it made me feel really good to recieve it.

The moral of the story, be nice. Give others what they need, especially if it won’t cost anything. I’m telling me this, not particularly you.

Have a great day!