Ruff Start Monday

So far, it’s been a rough morning. I woke up at 2AM, couldn’t go back to sleep. Around 4:30, I heard the garbage truck beep-beep-beeping down our street, and I hadn’t taken the garbage out. Made coffee and couldn’t find my coffee cup, when I did find it, I was shocked to see clear water from the coffee pot pouring into it, because I didn’t put coffee in the coffee maker.

My WordPress app kept crashing, and I had to restart my device to get it running.

Now, I have real coffee in my favorite cup, almost done with my post, and I hope that from here on out, today will get better and better! For me AND you!

Hava goodun!

Exercise Doesn’t Count Anymore

My dinner the other day turned out very good! I forgot to mention it yesterday, while I was ranting about yesterday about my Vivoactive. Funny though, it’s still under warranty. One day short of a year, according to my blog. I rekkon I’ll be shipping it back today. Very disappointed, I’d say they suck, mine failed the same way twice, but my wife hasn’t had a problem. We both got ours at the same time.

I went running this morning. and the swam, no idea how far, but I’m guessing a mile. Without a fitness tracker, it seems nothing counts, the walking, running, biking and swimming are all for nothing. Like my job was to please the tracker, and fitness and health are side effects.. I’m a fitness tracker addict,

Garmin Vivoactive HR died again!

Went out running and swimming this morning. Logged both on my fitness tracker. Then when I got home, I saw the display flashing out randomness and die.

It died exactly like the first one died. I doubt it’s still under warranty and Garmins customer service sucks.

I’m pretty hooed on fitness trackers though. Need a new one, maybe not a Garmin.

Any idea?

Not As Exited As I Should Be

I’m making dinner, a big chuck roast and veggies in the slow cooker. Problem is, the reciepe says 4 hours on Hi or 8 hours on low. I put it on 6 hours on low, then it will automatically switch to “warm”. It’s going to be sow cooking for 13 hours. I’m afraid it’s going to be overcooked.

So, I’m not as excited as I should be about the dinner I’m making tonight.

Today I’m getting this anti-rust treatment on my van. tomorrow is oil change.

It’s thundery and rainy and cloudy. I’ll be riding my bike to work from the auto places, today and tomorrow.

I’m ready for the weekend alrerady!

Feedly For Following Blogs

Does anyone still use it? I was looking for an app to follow blogs on, ad was surprised to find Feedly already installed. I thought I was done with it a long time ago, but I guess not.

It boils down to this; I don’t think it’s very good, but I can’t find anything better.

On some blogs, it works fine, on others, it’s weird. I type a comment, hit the publish button and it goes back to the blog post with no indication of anything. Just like I never typed a comment. Nothing like ‘Your post was published” or ” Your post is under review”. Nothing. ANd I can’t see a pattern of what blogs work and which don’t.

So what do you use?

Happy Monday!

Friday and Feedly

Super glad it’s Friday. No real plans for the weekend, just glad for the time off.

I’ve been lopoking for a new blog greader, one that I can follow blogs I like. I’ve been using Feedly but I’ve never really liked it. Funny, I can’t think of a reason I dislike it, I just always have. Maybe leftover sentiment grom Google Reader shutting down..

Certain blogs I can’t leave comments on usig Feedly though. I’ve noticed that. Type your comment, hit submit, and everythng disappears, just like you never typed it at all, no warnings or anything.

Ohhhh I’m glad it’s Friday!

Nice Morning

This morning reminds me of something I can’t quite remember. Maybe waking up in the mornings as a young boy at my Grandfathers and looking across his field, there was an old dead tree that reminded me of the Statue Of Liberty. But it’s the weather giving me the memoory, hot and still, early morning. A sensation.

Maybe the feeling today reminds me of a hot August morning in Missouri, back in the woods, hot, but you can still somehow tell that winter is coming.

Today started off rough, I sort of got sick while running, spent some time squatting in some bushes, and I won’t say more than that. It’s all going to be better from now on.

Less than a month till we go to Canada on vacation.

Now I Need A Plan

This morning, I walked, swam, ran, swam then walked. 1.86 miles total. Now that C25K is done, (I guess I should uninstall it from my phone, but haven’t been able to do it) I have no exercise structure. There’s a C210K, but I can’t spend ever-increasing amounts of time running in the mornings. Any suggestions?

Wednesday, good weather lately. Work has been very quiet. (Hope I didn’ jinx it by saying that) and there’s not much going on.

Have a great day!

3.21 Miles…

Equals 5.166 kilomeers. I finished the C25K program! It took longer than it should have, I just kept running shorter distances because of time before work. This morning, I just decided to ‘git ‘er done!’ Now, I’m running (running, get it? ha ha) late.