One Thing After Another

Got a new lawnmower yesterday. Not the cheapest one out there, a good one. I want to take better care of it. I want to use my weed whacker around the rooty trees and the rocky areas.

So yesterday, I tried to start my weed whacker and the primer bulb disentegerated, as well as a plastic tube that might be a fuel line.

Soo I gotta get that fixed or replaced too.

On the plus side, it’s Friday!


Monday Thursday

It’s Thursday, but kind of feels like Monday because we were off yesterday, election day. I voted for the first time in Cayman!

It’s been super windy the past couple days. from the south. Weird. 

Inner Space is happening this week. I never missed it the first nine years, till the owner soured it for all the local divers.  Now there’s a new owner, but I’ll dive elsewhere.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!

Concert Terror Attack

Nothing else to post about today. Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. Terrorist targeting kids. I went to a lot of concerts as a kid in my teens and twenties. The bad guys then were the cops, who wanted to take our booze and weed. But that was good natured, nobody got arrested, the cops made us dump our booze and took the weed, nobody ever got arrested.

There’s not much I can say. The people who do this are on a different planet. I cannot relate to how anybody could feel what they feel, or believe what they must believe or be convinced to do these things.

I never even heard of Ariana Grande before yesterday.

Good Bye Ringling Brothers Circus.

They did their las show the other day. Read article HERE. It was streamed live over the internet. Hmmm,  I might have been interested in watching if they had announced it beforehand.

Too many things, you don’t hear about them till they’re over.

Monday. blah. Wednesday is a holiday here for the election. My first time voting in Cayman!

 Have a good week!

The Loss Of My Bicycle

My beloved bicycle is no more. I took it to the shop to get a tune up, and it was destroyed. They couldn’t get the crank out, where the pedals go into the frame. 

I had to take it to a machine shop. They couldn’t get it out either. They called and said they wanted to use heat, but it would wreck the paint. I said OK. No luck.

I took my bike in for a tune-up, and got it back in a million pieces.

Woe is me.

Have a great weekend.

USA Is Getting Killed

I’m a little upset about the USA investigating Russia’s alleged involvement with the election. After they ignored everything illegal Clinton did, trying to get into office.

There’s an elite that runs the US, and freedom of choice in elections is an illusion. Trump, although affiliated with the republican party, in my view, was an independent candidate.

The FBI ignored everything that other candidates did illegally, and the elite don’t like a candidate that was elected by the people. They want the Peoples man out, and their man back in.

I bet this “investigation” reveals nothing conclusive, and is a waste of time and money.

USA is going down the tubes.

Cool Dream

I had a dream about a prisoner in a cell, outside the cell door were so many boxes that you couldn’t walk without picking up a box, putting it behind you, and moving the next box. Everyone had forgotten the prisoner was there, and his cell was in the back of a storeroom. I cleaned up all the boxes and later let him out,/but something I can’t remember, he didn’t want to go…

I put my bicycle in the shop for a tune up, got it back yesterday in a million pieces. Totalled. I have to buy a new bike if I want to ride. They couldn’t get the crank out of the frame (where the pedals go in).

Went to the doctor yesterday for my cough/congestion. $270 for 5 minutes! My 20% deductable was $55! Then he gave me a prescription for three pills. That’s why I don’t go to doctors, I can’t even afford the deductable.

Happy Wednesday!!

Cat Meds

We have 5 outdoor cats, feral. Trying to put anti-flea medicine on them is actually not too difficult, just grab ’em by the neck and squirt the stuff on. Except one cat, Little One. She apparently has no skin on her neck. I missed twice, yesterday and today.  Today she hissed at me.

Yesterday was a holiday, Discovery Day. So although it’s Tuesday, it feels like Monday.

Also yesterday, a cat got stuck in my car. The neighbors called me up after dark and said the emergency flashers were on. Smart cat, turning on the flashers.

Have Ye a good week!

Welcome To Modern Times!

My Mom finally got a real cell phone. She had a toy flip phone several years ago, and never carried it or used it. The other day we were talking about how nobody really uses a landline anymore, and how my landline phone had the ringer turned off and the only reason we had it at all was for the internet. I told her about Android and iPhone, kinda like Coke VS Pepsi and that I was total Android and that “I would still love her if she went iPhone but…….”

I was pleasantly surprised when she called with the news this morning.
Now we’ll see if she uses it…

Have a GREAT weekend!