Audit Week Atwerk

This week is our almost-every-two-year audit. For some strange reason, I’ve actually been looking forward to it.

Still doing the C25K. I like it too.

Thinking I should give up cigars, but I don’t want to.

I took pictures of yesterdays sunrise that I wanted to post today, but now I can’t find them… Here’s a pic of me instead.

Flashback Friday Foto

Here’s a picture of me I found at my Mom’s house. I think it was about 1989. I was 29 in 1989.

I remember that leather coat, I got it from an American Express offer. I loved that coat and had it many years.

Friday! It’s FRIDAY! Supposed to be cloudy and rainy till Sunday night though…

Still, we need the rain.

 two holidays, a weekend and a vacation day

Back to work after two holidays, a weekend and one vacation day.

Above is a picture of our cat, Ashy. She sleeps like this a lot. Mostly I was just testing to see if I could upload photos, had a lot of problems recently.

I had a bad cold, almost over it, my Wife has it now, she went back to work yesterday after missing two days. Our mile-away neighbors had it too and we didn’t even see them,which means I had two colds and didn’t infect the island with my cold from the USA.

My sister is still hanging in there, she plans on living I think.

I’m getting better, wife getting sick

Well, I’m on the upswing from my bad cold. But now my Wife is getting sick. I feel terrible about it, because it’s a bad, bad cold. And she got it from me.

Today is the last workday before a long weekend. I am off tomorrow, (Friday), Saturday, Sunday Monday and Tuesday! With my Wife sick, I’ll be able to take care of her. Dote on her, bring her chicken soup…

A cyclone is getting ready to Hit New Zealand. Thinking of my friends Koro and Chris and families.

I haven’t been exercising in the mornings because of my cold. It’s been so cold seeming that I get dressed in long pants and jacket as soon as I get out of the shower. 

That’s all for today, have a good one!

Sick Day Yesterday Too

I went to work yesterday, and my boss sent me back home. Funny, when I call in sick, my instinct tells me that everyone thinks I’m faking it, and they think that I really just wanted the day off,

On the downside, now my wife is getting sick too. I feel responsible.

I’ve been driving the van to work, I don’t want the breeze while I have this cold. It is a real monster.

I read yesterday about how United Airlines kicked that guy off the plane. I think they were totally in the wrong. Then the media went and dug up all the dirt on the guy, irrelavent to the situation, and wrong too. 

Have a good day

Sick Day Yesterday

Last week I went to the US. I caught a cold up there. I got back all there was was a sore throat. I went to work last week.  This last Saturday afternoon, I got the supercold. Sunday in bed or (or sofa, watching TV) Yesterday, sick day from work. Today, I figure is I take two sudafeds every 4 hours, I should make it OK.

Not sure if it’s the same cold twice or two colds once. 

Didn’t post yesterday. I slept pretty late for me.

Getting ready for work, so TTYL!

different passwords

My WordPress powered blog,, apparently has a different password than I had to change my .com password, and this is a test post to see it I can still post using the WordPress app. I am logged into two WordPresses on one app…