Wednesday Words

Wednesday Words?? Crappy title.

Today I’m taking my mower to the lawnmower doctor.

I put it in the car last  night and poor poor Sheba thought we were going somewhere.

It seems a shame. I take the mower in the car, then I’m stuck with the car all day instead of the motorcycle. Being on the motorcycle was good yesterday!


Our tree is finally getting some orange in it. It needed that rain last week. Most of the similar trees in town have been  orange for a long time. Town gets more rain.

I don’t have anything to post about. Brain not working, I guess. I’m still on my first cup of coffee.

Take ‘Er Easy!

Tuesday/Monday Mower Post

It feels like Monday.
Yesterday, I started mowing the yard, then the lawnmower broke down. I spent a couple hours trying to fix it, but it wouldn’t start. There was a guy mowing next to next door. I asked him to finish up for me and he did. He wanted $25 and I gave him  $30. Yard mowed. Mission accomplished. Now I have to get the lawnmower fixed. I think something’s broke inside the engine. It was making a weird clanging sound before it died. The red rubber thing you use to prime the engine before starting is ripped. The idle is too low. I’m taking it to a lawnmower repair place, today I’ll stop by and see if I can drop it off tomorrow. To me, it’s still a new mower… less than two years old I think.
The weather is better, today I’m taking the scooter, first time in about three weeks! Yeay! In the car, I am a mere mortal like everyone else. On the scooter, I am immune to traffic! Plus the scooter is better parking for my beach  lunch!

Have a good day! 

Happy Birthday To The Queen!

Today is the Queen of Englands birthday holiday. Happy birthday Your Majesty!

It was an alright weekend. Friday we went to the premier of the movie, Jurassic World, which I gave the thumbs down to. I read the original book before the  first movie, Jurassic Park. In the book, there was an explanation of the science that made the entire idea of cloning dinosaurs believable. In Jurassic World, there were “good dinosaurs” helping humans against “bad dinosaurs”. I thought this movie had drifted so far from the believable to being ridiculous. It was entertaining, with good special effects, but laughable overall. I know everyone else (mostly) thought it was great, but I say, wait till you can watch it at home instead of seeing it in the theater.

Saturday day was cloudy and rainy, and we hung out at home. Saturday night we had a going away party for some friends who are leaving Cayman and going to Peru for an extensive South American tour.

Sunday (yesterday) was also mostly cloudy, and the Wife wasn’t feeling well, so we stayed home and rested, with a long afternoon nap, and watched the new “Orange Is The New Black” on Netflix.

Today, I absolutely, positively, must mow the yard. It is going to be tough, because the grass is extremely wet and tall, but it has to be done. I wish I could find some neighborhood boy to do it for me, as I wouldn’t mind paying $25 or so to have the yard mowed. I remember as a kid, mowing yards for $3. A landscaping company would probably charge over $100 for a regular mowing…

Anyway, that’s it for today! Have you a good week!

Rainy Friday Morning

When I  started typing “rainy” above, it was raining hard. By the time I finished typing “Rainy”, it had stopped. That’s how we roll down here in the Caribbean!
Yesterday turned out pretty nice, it was sunny but the sky wasn’t blue because of some high, thin clouds.
Now it’s raining again. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow when we have our party for a friend who’s leaving the island.


Tonight the Wife and I are going to the premier of Jurassic World. There’s some kind of get-together beforehand and you’re supposed to wear blue. I was told why but didn’t pay attention.

Have a good weekend!

Weather Week,

I guess this week I’m posting about the weather. Today I’m taking the scooter, first time in a long time.


I actually see blue in the sky. Not enough blue to make a fat man a pair of pants, but some blue. More than in a long time.
My Navy friend said his Mom used to say that if there’s enough blue in the sky to make a fat man a pair of pants, the weather is going to clear up.


Lets hope so.

Three astronauts are on their way back to earth right now this minute. Among them is a woman who set a new record by spending 200+ days in space. Here’s a LINK.

Have a pleasant day.

Happy Hump Day!

Almost over the hump. Hoping for good weather this weekend.
I went to the beach yesterday at lunch, but did not swim. Today I will probably swim. There were a lot of people  at the cloudy beach, Tryin’ ta act happy in the cloudy cold weather. They were doing a good job too, you know, acting happy. So I’ll probably join them today. I’m trying to be funny here, you know, overly dramatic? But I am definitely tired of the clouds.


And I definitely will join the sad sad tourists at the beach today.

Havva Guudun!

Ahh Tuesday

Workweek is already 20% done, after weeks of clouds, the weatherman is calling for it to start clearing up a bit. This is the third week of no scooter. I’m ready for some beach lunches/snorkeling.

Not much of a topic today, the weather. How are you doing?


Experimental pic, after all, the pic makes the post!

Happy Happy Joy Joy! Monday!



Still mostly cloudy with scattered showers, but it’s supposed to start breaking up Tuesday, That’s tomorrow.

Yesterday the Wife had a flat tire in the car park. i got my tire plug kit and scuba tank and fixed ‘er  up. When I let the dogs out this morning it was still holding air. That’s good. Also, I had this wart on my middle finger of my right hand, somehow patching that tire I ripped that sucker clean out! It bled a lot but I’m glad to be rid of it. I usually rip it out myself every other year or so.

Friday we went to a make-yer-own-pizza party. That’s a real good idea for a party. Everyone was flinging dough up in the air and all around like Professional Italian Chefs. And then we made our own mini pizzas!

Also I got somebody interested (maybe) in my first and only house for sale.

So far this week so good! Havva goodun!

Doesn’t Feel Like Friday

It doesn’t feel like Friday,

Cloudy, probably will rain.

Grouchy, crabby, bad mood.

Can’t type worth a shit either.

Wife got mad at me last night. I cleaned the kitchen, she wrecked it. I said something and she got mad at me. Said she wasn’t mad, she was “hurt”.

Yesterday I backed into another cat in a parking lot. Didn’t do anything to mine, fucked up the other car. That’ll cost me.

Fuckit man.

C.A.R.E. Quiz Night


Last night the Wife and I went to the monthly Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiasts fundraiser. She’s the team captain of our trivia team, The Hammerheads.

We won third place and got a $25 gift certificate for PDs Sports Pub.

It wss fun. I was a standby player because there were too many people on our team.

It was hard to get up again this morning. Blah blah blah.

Tomorrow is Friday! TGTF!