Holiday Stress





Same story every year:
1: I don’t know what gifts to get people for the holidays.
2: I don’t have the money to buy anything anyway.
3: I don’t want anything for Christmas
4: I don’t want to buy anybody anything for Christmas
5: I don’t want to participate at all.

I hate to sound like a scrooge, but a spaceman observing our behavior from space would think we are idiots. We have “Thee Holiday of Thanksgiving”, then we spend the next month greedily grabbing up all this unnecessary crap. Nobody wants to do it, everybody does it because everybody else is.

And don’t try to hand me any of that Jesus crap, if you’re celebrating the birth of a great man, this period of insane behavior is NOT the way to do it.

And you know what? I don’t give a rats ass if I DO sound like scrooge!

Let me outta here!

Wednesday Cold Cold Cold

It is so cold here I couldn’t even do my exercises this morning. Instead I took Sheba out running. It was less windy down on ground level.
She’s so fat that she was wanting to stop before we had gone even 2/10ths of a mile.
The temperature has plummeted way down probably to about 70 degrees F. Not counting wind chill, there’s a strong wind blowing from the north.


Can I get some sympathy?

My scooter needs new tires. 14000 kilometers on the bike. Seems like not a lot. How long should tires last?

I didn’t post yesterday, I couldn’t think of a topic, and I couldn’t post ANOTHER post about no topic, so  I took a small hiatus.

For me, the peak of the Humpday Hump is now, as Friday is a half day!! Yip Peeeeee!

New Street Sign and Weekend Report!


It was a really nice weekend. Saturday I ran errands while the Wife made cupcakes. I got the lawnmower fixed and mowed the yard. Sunday I made the above street sign out a piece of bamboo while the wife applied icing to afore mentioned cupcakes. Then we took afore mentioned, iced cupcakes to the beach for a friends birthday party.

I’m not too sure I’m completely happy with the house sign. My brush  was too big to  get down in the letters and I’m  not sure I like the colors. I’m not happy with the strength of the wire hanging mechanism, and it’s hanging crooked. Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but I may fiddle with it some more.
I was going to try a palm tree instead of the sun, but the sun was so much easier and matched the colors I had on hand. I’m pretty happy with the smiling sun.

That’s my Monday post, have a good week!

Thank You Penelope Marzec!


A few weeks ago, I won one of Penelope Marzec’s giveaways, a book and a tote bag! We have been blog buddies for  a long time. As I always  say: “Blogging is for finding new friends, Facebook is for finding old ones.”

I was very excited to receive her package yesterday! In the giveaway, Penelope said she would send the book of my choice (by her, of course) and I said I wanted her to choose for me. She chose the ‘The Pirates Wraith‘, about a modern day woman who gets strick by lightning and wakes up back in Pirate Days! It sounds like a book I am going to enjoy and an an exceptional beach read!

The bag is very nice too, and very heavy  duty material and a velcro closure. We use these bags in The Cayman Islands for groceries as the grocery store charges for each plastic bag. Even  though when my wife took the above photo and said the bag looked “Just my speed”, I’m going to give it to her. She likes using a bag like this to go to the beach, and this is by far the best one out of all we have!

Thank you  again Penelope!

Have a great Wednesday!

Breakfast, the most important meal?


When I wake up, I’m not hungry. Just give me coffee! If I don’t eat, I don’t get hungry till almost noon or 1PM. If I do eat, I am starving again before 10 AM, and I mean STARVING!, I HAVE to eat if I can. Then I will eat  my lunch too early, and be starving again by the time I get home. So I eat when I get home, then The Wife gets home, and I eat dinner when I’m not hungry.
So isn’t it better for me to not eat breakfast, and eat when I get hungry?

Who are these scientists that tell me it’s better to eat breakfast when I’m not hungry? Who has the authority to declare breakfast the most important meal of the day?
If I was told that from now on, I’d only be getting one meal a day, and had to chose which meal I wanted, I guarantee you I wouldn’t chose breakfast!! I’d choose dinner.

What do you think about all this?

Have a good day!

A Successful Weekend

I looked up successful weekend on the internet and found this:


Nah, A successful weekend to me is coming home Friday, and not  leaving the compound till Monday
It was a windy cold cloudy weekend, perfect for staying home, which is what I did.
Saturday I got up, drank some coffee, then took a nap, and got up again, all before most people even get  up the first time. I’m kinda an overachiever like that. Sunday I took a really really good nap around noon, I don’t know how long I was out for, but it was a deep deep sleep.

Football was good yesterday, Redskins lost but there were a lot of really close games.

Now it’s a ho hum Monday. Looking forward to getting a lot done this week, not talking about work either.

That’ll do’er for today, have a good week!