Found The Wreck

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Yesterday I loaded up the kayak and went looking for the wreck I saw from the air. At first I didn’t think I’d find it, but after I got out to the wrong buoys, I saw the right one. It was a big wrecked sailboat.

After that I paddled out to the inside of the reef, very close to the wrecks at Wreck of The Ten Sail, the site where a sailing fleet wrecked a couple hundred years ago. The wreck you see here is NOT from those sailing ships.

Aug 12, 2014 006 Aug 12, 2014 011 Aug 12, 2014 020It was a great day!

Today is the last day of my vacation, tomorrow it’s back to work. 🙁

Girls Under 15 Football


Last night The Wife and I and a lot of the islands Costa Ricans went to watch Costa Rica play football against Jamaica.
It was lots of fun.




The Jamaican girls seemed a lot bigger than the Costa Ricans, but both teams played well,  to a draw.

Costa Rica plays Canada (?) on Wednesday and I plan on going!


Monday Woes

Well, here we are on a Monday. After months of drought, the forces that be chose  my vacation to make it rain.

I read  some books, Orange Is The New Black, (not like the tv series). I read the Divergent trilogy/ the first two books were good, the third, had to put it  down.

It’s cloudy and thundery right now. It’ll get sunny again when I go back to work.


Rainy Winter Friday

Oh what a difference a day makes!

Yesterday was sunny and hot, today is cloudy  and cold.. It rained hard yesterday afternoon and last night, today, promises more of the same.

Today I was going to load up the kayak and head for East End to try and find the wreck I saw from the air. However the weather isn’t good for such ventures. So, at the moment, I don’t know what I’ll do today.

I’ll just have another cuppa coffee,and give it a think!

Happy FRIDAY!!!

Vacation Day Two

Went to the beach yesterday, it was great. Supposed to get cloudier later today. The wife is taking her old car to get the convertible top changed, then she’s going to sell it. I’m driving her new car with my bicycle in the back, she’ll take the new car, and I’ll ride home on the bike.
That’s the plan.

My Huge Problems

Woke up this morning in a bad mood.
Been avoiding posting for a half hour.
Long range weather report says rain my whole vacation.
Sheba peed on the back porch and it stinks, even though I hosed it off.
The Wife didn’t put the coffee filters away.
There’s a fly buzzing around, driving me crazy.
I can’t think of anything else wrong.

Vacation Time?


Today, I shall spring on my boss, out of the blue, a vacation request form for vacation starting this week. 6 days, Wed Thur Fri this week, Mon Tue Wed next week.

I shall stay on the island. I shall go to the beach. I shall go diving. I  shall go find that wreck.

The Wife went to Costa Rica for 3+ weeks. I went for one week. She’s basically out of vacation days for the year. I have 11 days left. Last year, I had to “use them or lose them” vacation days at the end of the year. Don’t want that to happen again.

It’s a good idea.  just thought of it just now. I’ll still have 5 days left.

Happy Monday! Have a good week!

August 01

August already.  Seems like a short year.


Coupla weeks from now they’ll be hanging out the Christmas decorations.

On a positive note,  it’s Friiii Hiiiii Dayyyy!
Have a good weekend!