Costa Concordia


The most interesting thing happening today I think, is the attempt to right the Costa Concordia. The effort began about midnight our time. I look forward to following it on the news.

It was a quiet weekend. My Mom arrives for a visit this week and I have a friend visiting on a cruise ship. looking forward to taking some time off work.

STILL it’s cloudy and rainy. I think it’s been a month since we’ve had a clear day.

Have a good week!

Underrated Movie: Stranger Than Fiction





Last night The Wife was working late, so I watched an old movie on DVD we have, Stranger Than Fiction.

It was really good. I had forgotten how good it was. I highly recommend watching it if you get the chance.
It’s about an IRS auditor suddenly finds himself the subject of narration only he can hear: narration that begins to affect his entire life, from his work, to his love-interest, to his death.
Plus, a book author is freaking out because she finds out a character in one of her books is real, and if she kills the character, she kills the man.

Super good movie! Watch it if you can. And let me know what you think!

Double Anniversary

I have taken the car instead of the scooter all week. It has been raining, or threatening to rain all week. Enough already, I’m ready for some sun!

This weather is good  though, it is not conducive for hurricanes.

Speaking of hurricanes, 9 years ago today and tomorrow was  Hurricane Ivan. Here, everything is either before Ivan or after Ivan. Hurricane Ivan changed everything in the Cayman Islands, especially Grand Cayman.

Also September 11th, 2001. I remember that I had the day off on the 10th and went to the beach. I was at work watching the planes crashing on live TV and I had the thought: “If this happened yesterday, I would have been at the beach and not known anything about this.”

As I’ve been thinking of and remembering 9-11 today, I’ve been thinking especially of the people who were forced to jump from the towers.

So here we are on a double anniversary. What were you doing?


It’s Fri i day!
the weeekend’s here!
we’ll relax! (hallelujah! hallelujah!)
And take off our slacks! (hallelujah! hallelujah!)
And sit around the house
in our rotten underwear!!!


Have a good weekend!


Had a headache last night and now. Didn’t sleep worth a darn. Dog crapped all over the back porch. This is the first time I ever remember not walking the dogs in the morning. Neither wanted to go.

Mowed the yard yesterday afternoon. I was almost done when I ran out  of gas. I thought maybe I could do the front yard before I ran out of gas, I didn’t have much. It was a miracle. I have to refill my gas can today.

I’m glad it’s almost Friday.

Bad Chicken Father

Yesterday I was late letting the chickens into their coop. (I keep the doors closed during the day to keep the other chickens out). Night, it was a little past sundown when I went to let them in.. They weren’t around. There were no chickens around at all. It was past chicken bedtime and they had found a place to hide and sleep.
This morning they were back, and fine. I fed them and they were hungry. When I go to work this  morning I’ll let them out and all will be back to normal.


I got a new high score on the game last night but it sucks. My friend got 30,000 and I’m trying to pass him up.

HUMP DAY!!!!!!!!!!