A Load O’ Random Crap

We are gathered here on this Thursday, payday (for me), the day before Friday, to celebrate the day that has the potential to be the greatest day (so far) this week.

I don’t know why I started out  like that, it was just in my head.

Yes, it is payday, yes it is Thursday, and yes, tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!

This morning I got up, took care of the animals, then got ready for work. Normally I get ready first. I’m wild and unpredictable like that, you never know what I’ll do.


Here’s a picture I jjust took of me with my grocery store granny glasses. They seem much better than my optometrist purchased bifocals. But I look so OLD!

The paint with the letters on my keyboard has worn off. My old high school typing teacher  would be so happy!


When I was forced against my will to take high school typing, the be-all end-all of typewriters was out. The IBM Selectric. That was it, no room for improvement. Now look at us, $18 keyboards with the paint worn off.

Anyway, I’m going to leave now, maybe eat some cereal and maybe drink more coffee. Sorry for wasting so much of your time this morning. Have a good day!

Antique Dental Chair

My grade school friends Dad had a chair like this at their house, (he was a dentist). I really think the pedalwheel technology like this and on old sewing machines should be brought back.

This is from Neatorama

dental chairDoc Holliday is most famous for his friendship with gunslinger Wyatt Earp and for his participation in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral. But he was also a dentist, having earned a degree from the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery. He practiced in various places in the American West, earning little as his patients were wary of the dentist’s tuberculosis. Holiday opened a saloon in Las Vegas in 1879. Now a dentist chair found in Las Vegas and inscribed with the name John Holliday is up for auction.

The oak and leather mounted dental chair of Doc Holliday and associated equipment. Accompanied by a framed letter on Baker Gulch Mining Co., Las Vegas, Nevada stationary dated Oct 20, 1908. Statement of Donation: “When I rented my office above the apothecary on the Plaza, I removed a dental chair to make room for my own furnishings.I later noticed the name John Holliday on this chair. ………I now have learned that this is the same John Holliday, the famous shootist of a few years prior….I have also been informed that this was the last location that he practiced dentistry. I give this chair to the city free of charge in hope that a display of archives or a museum may use this infamous artifact. To this I affix my signature and seal. “

Well, maybe a museum will buy it. At the time of this writing, the bids are up to $2,000. Link -via Boing Boing

N.P.P (No Post Planned)

No post planned for today. I started a list on my phone so when I think of an idea for a post, I write  it down. So far it’s empty.

Here the weather is weird. It rains everyday, so I take the car, but then it gets sunny all day, except when lunchtime rolls around, then it gets cloudy. It’s like God doesn’t want me to go to the beach,

Every day and every night people come in my yard and take mangos. At night they wake up the dogs who wake us up.
Yesterday, while I was at work, someone took a whole tray of mangos that I picked and had in the carport on a tray, getting ripe. Maybe 8 mangos.
I don’t care that people take mangos, I can’t eat them all. But don’t come in the middle of the night and wake us up and don’t enter my property and brazenly steal the few I had picked for me. Mangos soon finish anyway.

Anyway, that’s it for today, It’s nice and sunny but everything’s still wet from rain, maaybe I WILL take the scooter after all.

Have a great day!

Back From The Brac

Got back from Cayman Brac yesterday evening. Had a really good time. Went to a Star Trek party in the Bat Cave, saw lots of friends, ate a lot, rested a lot and the time there was way too short. Below are pictures.

Jul 13, 2013 057

Pink Flamingo by the runway. Huge and amazing!

Jul 13, 2013 086

Star Trek Party in the Batcave

Jul 13, 2013 092

Jul 13, 2013 090

Some Vulcan tourists who look a little like us

Jul 13, 2013 087

Another shot of the handsome couple.

Jul 14, 2013 001

Travlin Tim and The Wife at the Brac Reef Resort pool.

Jul 14, 2013 022

Heron who shared our lunch Sunday

Jul 14, 2013 031

Very polite

Now it’s back to work! Have a good week!


Star Trek Party In The Batcave



This morning we’re headed to Cayman Brac for the weekend. We are going to a Star Trek party in the Bat Cave, I shit you not.

The Wife and  will both be Vulcans. We got the pointed ears and matching uniforms and everything. Pics to follow.

We have a new girl taking care of the animals. She is coming over in about a half hour to see us off and get the dogs used to her.

I hope we have a safe flight in this stormy weather and teeny plane.

Friday fill ins

This morning I’ve been on Facebook, instead of posting my post.

Supposed to be rainy today and this weekend, but it looks clear now. Should I ride my scooter or take the car? Yesterday I got soaked at lunchtime.

Several people have said there are problems with this page loading. Especially images. But my images are huge, so I wonder if there’s an actual problem. This post contains no images, so how is it today?

My neck hurts from sleeping. I need a different pillow configuration for every different sleeping position, and it is difficult to make complex adjustments whilst sleeping. I took two Advil. Advil is good when it feels like your head has been hit by an anvil.

Yeah that’s funny.

Have a good weekend.

The Rasta Man

There was this guy I’d never met, I’d see him riding his bicycle frequently. Always sitting up straight, head held high, looking straight ahead. Stately. Kingly. He was tall and thin, with a long grey beard and long grey dreadlocks. And the hat. I call them Jiffy Pop hats, like Jiffy Pop popcorn after it’s done popping. A hat like that with a bill.

I’d see this guy all the time, two or three times a week. I’d wave and he’d wave back, never turning his head to look at me, always looking straight ahead, riding his bike. I always wanted to stop and introduce myself, he seemed like such a cool dude. But I never did. I’m not cool like him, we’d have nothing in common. But I always figured maybe I  would. Someday.

But I always waved when I saw him, and he always waved back.

I heard that night before last he got hit on his bicycle by motor vehicle and killed. And that hurts me bad. How dare some hot dogging motorcyclist kill such a noble, royal dude?

I wish I’d have stopped and met him when I had the chance.

image added 12 Jul 2013 TeeRee

Monday Weekend Report

Seems like it was a busy weekend, Saturday The Wife and I went on errand runs. I went looking for materials to build a chicken coop, but ended up getting a good rabbit hutch that seems perfect for our little chickies.


Sunday I went to the beach, mowed the yard and smoked a cigar in the evening.

Let me ‘splain something to you about chickens. A chicken can run much faster, and is much more maneuverable in grass that is relatively knee high as opposed to grass that is over their heads. After cutting the grass, I let the  chickens out for a walk, and couldn’t catch them. I had to call The Wife for help, and we ended up netting them with a towel. I caught the first two, no problem, but by then the second pair knew I was after them, and I didn’t stand a chance.

Then we watched a movie and went to bed.

Have a good week!