Blog Post Subjects?

Day before yesterday, I was talking to The Wife about the blogs. I asked her if she was going to post and she said “I don’t have anything prepared”. I laughed so hard milk squirted out of my nose. (not really, I wasn’t drinking milk. When someone says “I laughed so hard milk squirted out of my nose”, it just means they thought something was VERY funny, it doesn’t mean they were drinking milk, in fact, it doesn’t even necessarily mean they really laughed out loud.) However, if you ARE drinking milk and you laugh so hard milk squirts out your nose, then that’s double funny, (1) what made you laugh and (2) the milk actually squirting out of your nose!

I never prepare posts for this blog. I just get up, shower shave get dressed and coffee, and sit down and start typing. Do you prepare for posts? Research? experimentation? Work on it for days before posting it? Just wondering.

socthAnother fun fact. When I get dressed in the morning, I rummage blindly in the dark in my sock/underwear/t-short drawer till I find socks. Then I wear pants to match the socks. ‘Cause if I put on pants, and then try to find socks to match the pants, no way that’s happening, all my socks that color would diabolically disappear.

That’s it for today. Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday American Football Post

WTF? No Monday Night Football this coming week?

NFL15 NFL16It wasn’t a bad week, football-wise. Skins won and Giants lost yeay. Dallas won, Booo. Three way tie for first place in the division. Why is there no Monday Night Football on my chart? We got a game on Saturday..

Memory Monday, Meeting My Two Best Friends

old bike h

(This picture could actually be my old bike, except for the handlebars and seat. Mine was red and had that gastank looking part. And I kinda remember a smaller “hood ornament”). The seat was red though, and had white on the front.)

In elementary school  between first and second grade, we moved from Rockville, Maryland to Moberly, Missouri. I didn’t know anybody, obviously, and I was out riding my bike after it rained.

Back in those days there were a lot of gravel roads and I had an ancient bike with full fenders that covered half the bikes tire. I got stuck, I had mud and gravel all crammed up between the fenders and the tires and they couldn’t roll.
I had a stick, and was trying to get the mud out when this big girl (Carol, still keep in touch with her on Facebook) came by. I was amazed how easily she picked my bike up and moved it to my yard. Then she said she had a little brother about my age, and she lived two doors down. She invited me over to meet him.

We walked to her house, and she took me upstairs and showed me his room and said he was in there. I can’t imagine why I didn’t knock, I think the door was half open, but I went in and there was Greg, naked. He started yelling and I walked out. A minute later he was dressed and came out of his room. He and his little brother, Danny, and I were friends and hung out together all the time, back in the woods in Missouri.

We are still friends to this day. He has a bunch of kids and is a school teacher.

My other best friend, Doug, I don’t remember meeting him at school, but after school, I was dragging him home with me to meet my mom. He was saying he had to go home. I was saying “No, it’s just a little way further.” He said he was going to get in trouble and he’d give me his phone number and I could call. I said “No, I won’t remember, just come to my house so I can write it down. He said “263-6581”. All stop. I said, “I can remember that” and I let him go. I still remember it, and that is the actual phone number. I remember it seemed important for me to show my Mom what a great friend I had made.

You have to remember, this is 1967 and 1968, I was new in town and wanted to make friends. Greg and I were inseparable in grade school, but didn’t hang out much as teens, Doug and I were big time friends as teens and in high school. Doug also has a younger brother, Phil, who I keep in touch with more than Doug.

Although we don’t communicate much anymore, I’ve been in contact with them both within the past 10 years. (You know you’re getting old when “the past 10 years” counts as recently)

This post seems cheesy, it didn’t come out like I wanted. But oh well!

Have a good week!



Friday. Party. Dreams.

Today it’s Friday, and although we already had our “official” Christmas Party for work, today is the unofficial one. The four in my division are going out to lunch. I hope we end up with an afternoon off early.

I had weird dreams last night. Running from the police in the halls of a building. “Stay with this guy, he knows how to get away”. But it was all slow motion. At one point I was in a waiting room with several people and every once in a while, a little weak police would come out and put cuffs on one of us and take him away.. I could leave easily but don’t. It’s one of those dreams that says “Something bad is going to happen, but you could avoid it easily”. One of those dreams that makes me feel weak and passive and used. One of my least favorite kinds of dreams.

I’m glad the Bengals beat Philly last night. I didn’t watch, but I followed on my phone till halftime. When I was a kid, the Bengals practiced in Wilmington, Ohio, where my Mom grew up. I was a kid and we went to one of their practices. So I like the Bengals.

Anyway, have a good weekend!

Blogging Software

I was looking at reviews for blogging software. I only know about WordPress and Blogger. I use WordPress for this site, but there’s things I’d like to get sorted out.

I;m kind of surprised buy the reviews I read. HERE. It says WordPress has excellent  technical support and to me, it seems non existent. It says WordPress had no Slideshow capability, and it does.

I’m not planning on making any changes yet, but WordPress doesn’t give me the control I expected when I bought my own site and installed the software. They’re already pressuring me to install updates. Anyway I’m fishin’

No More Slideshows

I noticed on my old posts with slideshows the photos have been disappearing. So I have to look into that. Also on the old old imported posts, like over three years old, the comments aren’t there on the page, but do appear on my control panel.

That is not what I planned on posting about today….

Above are some pictures I took during my lunchtime snorkeling the past couple of weeks..

Tuesday: Football Hopes and Results

Here’s last weeks results and next weeks hopes. I’m not very scientific in my pics, just who I want.

I’m glad Houston lost. I don’t teams that move or change their name. Houstons team is the Oilers. After a quick glance at their roster, here is only one Texan on Houstons team, Brian Braman went to college there. Nobody else seems to be from Texas.

Be proud of who you are, Houston Oilers, don’t try and be something you’re not, like a Texan.

I don”t like the Baltimore Colts in Indianapolis. The St Louis Cardinals in Arizona, the Rams in STL. (The Rams moved around so much I don’t even know where they’re from). The team is with the city. The team stays with the city.

I like the Raiders only when they’re out raiding, I don’t like them at home. I like them to lose at home and win on the road.

Chicago sucks.

Dallas sucks.

I’m a mean sonuvabitch when it comes to NFL football. Stick to MY rules, MY way!

I’m ready for today.

Memory Monday-Ditto and the Baby Goat

It’s Monday again, Booo! The Washington Redskins won, Yeay! Dallas won, Booo!

Boo outweighs Yeay! That’s why it’s Mon-day (rhymes)

I really enjoyed posting the post about the little girl at the pool. So I decided I was going to start a thing called “Memory Monday”, where I tell a story I remember.

Today I’m going to tell about DItto and the baby goat.

When I lived in the apartment I used to walk Ditto Thee Dawg down the street to  kind of a dead end. One day near the dead end, there appeared a baby goat, tied to a light pole. This goat was exactly the same size as Ditto, and I assumed the goat had never seen a dog either..

So, they’re there for quite a while, nose to nose sniffing. Ditto on the leash and the Baby Goat on his rope. I’m thinking they’re going to become friends. All of a sudden, quick as a flash, that baby goat reared up and headbutted Ditto forehead to forehead. Ditto was so surprised he started barking like I never heard him bark before. He was yap yap yappin’, embarrassed I think. I was so surprised both by the headbutt and Dittos reaction that I started laughing. Usually when you laugh, you know you’re going to laugh before you laugh, but when you burst out laughing and don’t expect it, it’s a rare treat. That was so funny and unexpected.

Ditto wasn’t hurt, his skull is plenty thick, and the goat didn’t butt him that hard, it was just a friendly tap. I wish I had the whole thing on video, it was truly hilarious.

I’m going to try this Memory Monday thing for a few weeks, It’ll be about that long before I run out of things I remember. I figure it’s better than me bitchin’ about Monday every Monday.

Have a good week!

Still Tryin’ For Video

I know it can be done with what I have, I just haven’t figured out how yet.

taking off from GCM

I got my player, and I got my video, I just can’t put the video in the player…..kinda


Duh AVI not supported… Here’s an MP4.

[jwplayer config=”Player-320-480″ mediaid=”8806″]

Yeay! It seems to be working for me now. But it seems like it wants to download the whole video before it starts playing it, instead of buffering.

Here it is again, in FLV uploaded,

[jwplayer mediaid=”8812″]

Yeah, FLV works much better.

Is it working for you?