Turkey Day Week

I didn’t realize it, but this is Thanksgiving week. I didn’t realize it when I agreed to go to the Brac on Thursday. I had to decline my invitation for turkey dinner, and I’ll probably be working till 8PM. We have a big audit this week, and from what I’ve heard about the last one, this will be Hell Week

The Wife is in Miami to see Madonna In Concert, She’ll be back Thursday and I won’t be there to pick her up at the airport.

It was a short weekend, Saturday I took The Wife to the airport, Sunday I  mowed the yard. I can’t remember much else. I miss her. Last night I woke up , hot, I figured I’d open the window more to let more breeze in, then I thought, am I an idiot? opening the window? I wonder if I’m crazy, wanting to open the window. I need to ask the wife.

Redskins won, I didn’t watch. I checked the score on my phone every once in a while while I was mowing. They play Dallas on Thursday as well, another event I’ll be missing..

I went to bed last night about 10:30, and it was hard to wake up this morning.

Re reading this, it sounds like I have a bad case of the Monday Morning Blues,

The Little Girl at the Pool

When I lived at my last apartment before I bought my house in the US, I had a part time job as the worlds oldest lifeguard at the apartments pool. I was probably about 27 or 28.

The first day the pool was open was a Sunday, this little girl came in wearing her Sunday dress. She came over to my side and started telling me what a good swimmer she was,  and that she couldn’t go swimming today, but she was coming tomorrow.

Soo the next day, the pool technically didn’t open for two minutes and the same little girl comes running across the grass in her swimsuit to the fenced swimming pool area. She stopped at the gate and asked if she could come in, and I said yes. She came in and asked if she could get in the water and I told her OK again.

She didn’t hesitate and jumped right in the deep end.

She couldn’t swim a lick.

I looked at her and our eyes met, as she was flailing in the water. My eyes said “Are you really going to drown in my pool?” Her eyes said “Why yes, I am.”

I had the life ring in my hand, and I threw it to her. She grabbed it and was holding on, still kicking like crazy.

She looked at me and raised one arm in a “come get me” gesture. I sat down on the side of the pool and put my feet in the water and said “You’re alright, swim over here” She swam over with the ring and I lifted her out by the armpits and sat her on the side of the pool next to me.

“I thought you were a great swimmer?”

“I thought I was too, I think I forgot.”

I ended up giving all the kids swimming lessons for free all summer…

I loved that lifeguard job in particular. The kids loved me and the parents trusted me. I never had a single problem with any teens or adults (or kids) all summer.

I sometimes wonder where that little girl is today. She would be in her late 20s or early 30s, she was 7 or 8 at the time.

Wherever she is, I’m sure she remembers me. I can’t remember her name, but I think I’d remember if I heard it again.

That day at the pool and that little girl is one of my best memories of my life, and I’m glad to share it here.

Day Before Friday

I’m glad Friday is tomorrow., I just want to get to the weekend. No reason I’m so eager, that I know of. I’m just ready.

Above are some pictures of yesterdays trip. I skipped the boring work ones.

Today Ditto the dawg goes to the vet.

Did You Know?

Did you know that coffee is mostly water? This morning I got up, made coffee, showered, walked the dawgs and fed the cats. Then I came to  get a cuppa coffee, and there was none! Apparently I forgot to put the water in. There was coffee, the filter, the pot, the hot surface everything you need for coffee but water. I never really knew that coffee making was such a component critical process. I mean, I had 99% of the ingredients and got NOTHING. Dang.

IN other news

Last night there was a huge whiny ruckus outside that I thought was a catfight. The dogs and my wife ran outside on the back porch, I was ready to head downstairs and hit the floodlights. ‘Bout the time I reached the top of the stairs, The Wife starts calling me so I go out. There’s a big frog, crying like a human baby. Apparently DItto the Destroyer was messing with it. I grabbed him by one leg to throw him overboard and that frog started screaming again. Talk about freaky! I never heard anything like that before. Horror movie sounds. Anyway, we never heard another peep after that.

BTK was here for supper last night, good to see her, but she was gone again at breakfast this morning.

Here’s my  Tuesday NFL results and hopes for next week. Skins had a bye. At least they didn’t lose. again

I should have mowed the yard but didn’t. Yesterday I looked and thought “Not too bad, it can wait another week”. This morning I looked at the yard and said, “Dang!”

Have a good week. It’s the first workday of the week, so it’s monday with a small “m” no matter what day it really is.

Monday Holiday and a Missing Cat

Today is a holiday here, Remembrance Day, The day we remember our Veterans, and the day I think about my old Navy days. If I could go back in life and live it over, I’d join the Navy again.

BTK, our first cat, has missed four meals. I’m getting worried about her. She’s the mother of most of our cats and was the first to come around. The day she brought her kitties with her for food was a very happy day indeed.

BTK (pronounced BeeTeeKee) stands for “Big Tittie Kittie”. When she first started coming by she was so skinny but had big boobs for feeding the kittens. The Wife shortened it to BTK. BTK has been the most un-trusting of all seven of our cats, the only time I can pet her is while she’s eating. I doubt she’s found another family. I just hope she comes back.

60 Years of Aviation History in the Cayman Islands

Last night I went to an event to celebrate Caymans 60 years of aviation history and the pioneers of aviation. It was very informative and enjoyable.

Tonight Pirates Week starts. I don’t have a costume. I’ll be sitting this one out this year, I rekkon. I am supposed to be a marshal in the parade tomorrow, keeping idiots from running under the float and getting killed. But not sure I’ll make it.

Thursday Ramble

Above are some pictures from last weekend.

I hate ironing. I can’t believe people still iron clothes in these modern times. In the Navy, we ironed all the time and I can’t remember it being such a pain in the ass.

We have a weather system moving in. I can hear waves from the back porch and it is cloudy cloudy and windy windy. Yesterday it was cloudy so I took the car instead of the bike. I left 5 minutes late and got to work a half an hour later than usual. And then it didn’t rain all day. I was stuck in traffic like a mere mortal. Today I’m driving again. It better rain!

I like this new blog, Now my problem is linking my reader with this blog instead of my old one. Also I can’t make the Twitter widget show up, but I’m not too worried about that at this time.

I gotta go! Have a good day!

Yeay! Internet working!

Our internet came back on last night, thanks to the same competent technician who fixed it last time.The problem (I think) is the bureaucracy. A customer makes a trouble call, and it takes too long for someone who can do something about it to hear about it. In the meantime, the clueless customer service rep just adds lie upon lie to keep from looking like an idiot.

Who cares who the president of the USA is? Not me.

I’m thinking about buying a new scooter. Like the one pictured above. My Piaggio has been good, and still is, but it is 7 years old now, and time to move on. The Vespa dealer went out of business so there’s no service or parts anymore, so I’m thinking about moving to Yamaha. Also above are my NFL Football picks this week and last weeks results.. I think it’s over for the Redskins already.

Still getting the new blogsite figured out. But overall I am very pleased, Now I’m trying to make my links point here instead of my old blogs…..

Hump Day!