Big Circle

I have Firefox 3.52. This morning I upgraded to 3.69. I won’t go to 4 or higher, and I will move 0n to a new browser when necessary. Probably chrome.
SO, I upgraded to 3.69, and then every time I opened this blog page the browser would crash. I saw that the favorite Firefox was 2.01, so I tried that, then it crashed after a few seconds on any page. So I’m back to 3.52 again, which seems fine, just like before I started.

Hammerfest Norway

Hammerfest near and far, on Google Earth
I’ve always had a love for maps. I’ve always owned and carried Atlases. I can spend hours looking at maps. I love Google Earth, I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread. The only way to improve it is to increase the resolution, and make it live! So that I can read over your shoulder. Neither is feasible but Wouldn’t it be cool?Years ago I found Hammerfest Norway in an atlas. My first thought was “What a cool name”! A hammering good party! My second thought was “What a cool location” way up there at the top of Norway. I wonder what kind of people live there.
Later I found that Hammer in Norse means Anchor, and Fest in Norse means Rest. I still think the location is cool.
Hammerfest is north of the Arctic Circle. In the above chart, The hours of the day are listed on the right, the months are on the bottom. When it’s all yellow, it’s light in Hammerfest 24 hours a day.

The picture below is called Reflections of Hammerfest by Rainer Schuetz.

I’d like to visit someday, probably in the summer. But I don’t think it’s really vacation destination. It would be better to go for work for a month or two. Or maybe a year, I think it would be interesting to experience the days of light and the days of darkness at least once in ones life.
Well, this is my post about Hammerfest, My only connection with Hammerfest is that I found it on the map a long time ago and never forgot it. I keep going back to look at it on the map. I read about it. I hope someday I get a comment: “Hey! I’m in Hammerfest, and I’m reading your blog”.

Tank Recon 3D on the new phone

I found one game I really like for my still new new Samsung Galaxy S II. It’s called Tank Recon 3D. There’s a free version and a full version that has more levels. I chunked down the $4.99 US and got the full version after playing the free version for a week or so. I tell ya, it’s good, it’s really good! Before I found this game I was getting PO’d because I couldn’t find any games I liked.
Its really fun but I am not very good yet.
Below is a one minute forty-two second video from YouTube that shows a sample of the game play. Watch it! You’ll like it! (The videos music isn’t part of the game, but the game has a feature so that you can load a playlist and play your music with the game!)
It’s available for iOS, Android, WP7 and BlackBerry.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! It’s FRIDAY!!

UWPW: Under Water Pictures Wednesday

These are some pictures from day before yesterday. I hope you like them.

Pink Vase Sponge. I turned the flash on for this shot.
Juvenile Spotted Drum barely bigger than your thumbnail. The other two little clear fish are very common, like flies on a horse farm. I don’t know what they are called.
This yellow and purple dude lives under ledges. I’ve been trying to get a really good shot of one, this ain’t it
Last time I posted a picture of one of these, I said I used to know what they are called but forgot. Someone commented and told me the species, but I forgot again. Fiddler Crab?

Garden Eels. These look out of their sand houses at you, and as you get closer they slowly back down into their holes.

New Cat

This is LT, he is being assimilated into our cat clan. We call him LT because he has a Long Tail. He is very friendly and likes to be petted, held and scratched. The other cats don’t really like him yet but I can tell he’s trying to fit in. He sniffs somebody and they snarl at him, then he’ll lay down and be passive. I really think he is trying to fit in. I hope the other cats accept him.
Today is Tuesday on the calendar, but in the brain it’s Monday. Yesterday was a holiday here. So was Friday, big four day weekend. Went diving yesterday, pictures probably tomorrow.

Passover Seder

Last night the Wife and I went to a Seder. It was the first I had been to since moving to this island.
I grew up mostly in a small town in Missouri. I was the only Jewish kid in my school. On weekends, we would drive an hour to the town that had a synagogue. All the kids there were friends and didn’t know me, and to make a long story short, I always felt like an outsider. Everywhere. At school, being the only Jewish kid and with other Jewish kids, because they were all friends. Plus, with my father, no holiday was fun, always following Jewish laws and never doing good enough. So last night I was reluctant to go. But once we got there, I was very eager to pay attention and absorb the happenings.
The problem was, to me, that there were so many unruly kids, I couldn’t hear and the whole thing seemed disorganized. There were kids running around and lots of noise, and the Rabbi had a not so powerful voice.
A Seder is a story about the Hebrews being freed from slavery and leaving Egypt. You sit at the table, and go through a small book called a Hagaddah and tell the tale. Also you drink Four glasses of wine (or grape juice in my case) throughout the meal. About 2/3 of the way through the main meal is served, and after that is the closing and the last two glasses of wine. Four Glasses of wine. Very Important. After dinner, they seemed to just blow off the rest of the service and the last two glasses of wine, and got it over with. I thought it was very disorganized, but I wonder, am I just from a strict environment?
I’m not complaining, I am glad I went, and was surprised at my interest after I got there. I don’t have enough expertise to know a good Seder from a bad one, I just wanted the whole thing like I remembered as a kid.

No Post Yesterday

I didn’t post yesterday, I got up and went to work straightaway. In the afternoon, The Wife and a visiting high school friend of hers (and her boyfriend) went diving. Here’s some pictures. I’m diving again today.
Moray Eel
Chain Link Eel
When’s the wedding?

why bother?

Well I don’ t know what to post about today.
Didn’t sleep worth a dang.
Bad mood.
Wife gone to the gym.

Gotta take Sheba the itcher to the vet again.
Pick up my prescription.
Pay some bills
Everybody easily guessed my “what is it?” picture yesterday.
Coffee is my only friend…
I shouldn’t even bother posting this.