Title-less Tuesday

When I first typed the title for todays post, it came out Titless, we can’t have anyone having a Titless Tuesday.. Tits for everybody!
I mowed the yard yesterday….. If you can remember back far enough to the last time I mentioned mowing the yard… Well, I didn’t mow it then. That was what? A month ago. Well, I finally got ‘er done. Yup.
Blogwise, I got nothing today for ya folks. Just a aching brain and a bloodstream needing coffee. AND a couple pictures, one from this morning and one from yesterday. And a sore throat, I think I’m getting “THE COLD” that’s “GOING AROUND”.
Hard to hide when you’re a white cat.


Weekend Above and Under Water Pics

It was a good weekend! Yesterday we went to the beach, and went snorkeling. Usually one of us stays on the beach to guard our stuff, but yesterday we left everything in the car and went snorkeling together.
Elusive Specklefish, all my life, I’ve been trying to get a decent shot of one. This isn’t bad. But it ain’t THE SHOT
Needlefish School, You’ve seen these before…

Queen Angel

The Wife and Me. (We aren’t underwater here, this is the “above water” mentioned in the title.)

Self Pic with the Wife

Most Excellent Headphone Pads!!!!!

My headphones had these rotten old sponge pads on the earpieces. I asked my wife to make me some new ones. She whipped a couple out in about a half an hour and they are the best!!! So fast she was breaking knitting needles! (It’s not knitting, I know..) Now I have the coolest headphones with the best earpads on the PLANET!!!

NHRA, Rick Silvers, Kenny Bernstein, 300 MPH, and Me!

Rick Silvers and Son.

20 Years ago this weekend, Kenny Bernstein broke Drag Racings 300 MPH barrier when he got 301.70 MPH at the NHRA Gatornationals in Florida. I was there!

Rick Silvers and I used to go to a lot of the NHRA Drag Races up and down the USA East Coast. I worked weekends at Suffolk Raceway, and he had a race car. He also worked with me in our day jobs. He is an Excellent friend to this day.

He still has the same racecar, always improving it. He says: “If you can spin your tires, you don’t have enough traction. You have to fix your traction problem. If you can’t spin you tires, you don’t have enough power, You gotta soup it up so you can get enough power”. Truer and more racerific words have never been spoken.

One of the things I miss most about the USA is going to the races with Rick, it was always a road trip and always a good time! Once we went to Pennsylvania and I pulled a camper trailer in my old Jeep Cherokee with the four cylinder engine! That Jeep was never the same! Once we drove down to Florida and he had to pull over every hundred yards so I could puke, One stop I rolled out of the car into an ant hill. I remember him laughing and people blowing their horns! I don’t miss those hangovers one bit!

Video of the 300 MPH Race, and an interview with Kenny Bernstein

I remember this like yesterday!

Skydiver Falls From 13.6 Miles

Felix Baumgartner aims to break 52-year-old record. Baumgartner lifted off Thursday for a test jump from Roswell, N.M., aboard a 100-foot helium balloon. He rode inside a pressurized capsule to 71,581 feet — 13.6 miles — and then jumped. He’s aiming for nearly 23 miles this summer.
Felix on the left, and Joe Kittinger on the right. Joe holds holds the skydive record now, 19 miles.

In the Capsule

There’s a video that shows them releasing the giant helium balloon HERE.

“The view is amazing, way better than I thought,”

Articles from HERE, and HERE


When people go on vacation, they like to buy a souvenir. A t-shirt, keychain, something like that.
I usually don’t buy typical souvenirs. I was in the Maldives, and I bought a pair of dive booties. I did buy a t-shirt too, but I remember those dive booties and every time I wore them I’d remember the Maldives.
I was in Ohio, with my Mom, and we were at the store my Grandfather used to go to with me. I saw a shaving brush. I had just gotten a new one, so I didn’t get it, but I’ve been wishing I had ever since.
Last February, Costa Rica, I bought a toothbrush in the grocery store. Every morning and evening and whenever I brush my teeth, I think about the Costa Rica trip. I also bought a new pair of flip flops. In hindsight, I think the toothbrush is an excellent souvenir.
I think it’s a good idea to (sometimes on purpose) leave something you know you’ll need at home, so that you’ll have to buy a new one, then you may find it is the favorite thing that reminds you of your trip!

Ran Dumb Ness

I’m working early this morning.

It has been good weather here, nice and cool in the shade and hot in the sun. Just how I like it!

I got to spend about a half hour on the beach yesterday.

The Wife and I are getting sick, we both have sore throats and there’s a cold going around. I wonder if new colds come, go around, then leave, or does the same cold go around and around over and over?

Below are some pics of a bird that was in our bath yesterday morning.