Spoke too soon

Yesterday I mentioned that I had been sleeping well. Should have kept my trap shut. Now I’ve been awake since 3, thinking shit thoughts.

Anyway, this is the kind of post I don’t like to post. But I can’t think of anything else.

Lazy Mans Post

I’m so lazy, I’m just going to post some more pictures from Sundays dive.
Lion Fish

Sand Crab, he can push himself under the sand, using his front claws as locomotion!

Christmas Tree worms
The wife comes home tomorrow evening. That means I have to clean the house this evening. She’s bringing my Mother In Law with her. It’s all good.I need to mow the yard.

I always post how I’m a poor sleeper, I realized that for the past indefinite amount of time, I have been sleeping really well, and it’s hard to get up in the morning. Last night I went to bed about 9 and was sleeping good when the alarm went off. Although I did get up at 3 to close the windows and doors because of a big time rainstorm we had.

Anyway, that’ll do for today.

UW Photos

Had a great day yesterday, got up, cleared a corner of the yard that was overgrown with trees and brush. It still needs a lot of work.
Then I went diving, and took the pics below. Click to enlarge the pics
Eel behind the sponge, see him?
Lobster looking delicious
A shrimp, I should know the type but don’t. The pic is weird, even though he’s out in the open, you can’t really see him properly, I guess because of his translucent body.
A spotted eagle ray
The same spotted eagle ray.

Then I went to the beach and went snorkeling, then I went to get some cigars, and came home. Today is payday!

Passed it

I noticed yesterday that I passed the 100,000 mark on my blog counter. I tried to access my counters website and I couldn’t! I tried the “forgot password” and it told me my email address was not found in the database.


I wanted to post a post with the details I would have been able to glean from that hit counter.

Today’s Sunday, I want to do a little yard work and go to the beach. Maybe go diving.

84 hours till I go to the airport to pick up my wife.


Mosquitoes like my computer

Last night, when it got a little darker in the evening and the computer screen got relatively brighter, I saw a lot of mosquitoes buzzing around backlit between me and the screen. I thought “Dang! This house is full of mosquitoes!” Then I went outside and I thought “Dang! There’s more mosquitoes in the house than there are out here!”

I finished my evening, thought “Dang! I’m tired!” So went to bed, and slept all night with no more thoughts of the nasty mozzies.

This morning I got up, took care of my mornin business, got my coffee and sat down in front of the computer to post another amazingly boring post, and I immediately noticed many mosquitoes. I though “Dang! They’re only here! The mosquitoes like my computer!”

Why do the mosquitoes like my computer???

By the way, I sure am glad it’s Friday! Daaaang! this has been a long week!


Mars Water I guess

Lately I can’t think of a title for my posts. I seem to want to put “It’s Thursday” or whatever day of the week it is.

I don’t have a dang thing to post about. All I do is work lately. I get up, and go to work, then I come home and have been doing CayTronics work in the evening.

I do think it’s cool that there is evidence of flowing water on Mars. Read the article HERE.

Click the pic to enlarge. I imagine ice melting, and running out of the dirt, to evaporate almost immediately in the thin martian air. See the white chunks? Betcha that’s ice.


Not much to say today.

Dropped the wife off at the airport this morning, I am very tired. I was sleeping good when the alarm went off, I remember I was dreaming a nice dream but forgot it as soon as I woke up.

Not much to say today. I’m ready to go to work.

CayTronics business is picking up, and I have work to fill all my free time for a while.

Here I am again, working two jobs it seems like…


It’s another Moondie. I had a pretty busy weekend. A lot of the weekend I worked on a CayTronics job, a website. I’m having weird problems, problems getting video to post, and problems with adjusting the text size.
Also we went to a wedding on Saturday and I mowed the yard. It was hot and wet and sweaty.

Tomorrow The Wife goes to Costa Rica for a week. A week, a whole long week. I’ll try to keep posting every day, but if I miss more than a day, send someone down to check on me!



I’m Glad it’s Friday, I’m working tomorrow morning, some CayTronics stuff, then a noonish wedding, then the reception. Should be a full day.
My old backpack died yesterday. My KISS Rebreather backback finally bit the dust. I had to move into an even older DaKine backpack that I had.
It’s freaking hot already, 7:15 and I can feel the sweat dripping down my chest.
I ran and swam every morning this week except once. That’s partly why I’m sweating I think, even though I showered, I didn’t really cool down.
I’m really looking forward to this weekend.