Today we went to Akumal. It was pretty cool. then we came back to the hotel, sat on the beach and now we’re kicked back in the room.
We switched from Maya Tulum hotel to Margherita Posada this afternoon. we’ll be here a few days then head north to the Gulf to see some Whale Sharks. And Mayan ruins.
pics are on my camera, and this is my phone.

In Mexico

We made it to Mexico OK. Had a 4 hour layover in Miami.
We flew Mexicana Air from Miami to Cancun. Nice plane, an Airbus A319 (I think). There was a light meal served too. In the US, there’s no in flight meals anymore. No free internet in Miami. (free internet here, in the jungle).
Every time I go to the US, I am disappointed in the decline and decay. Yu have to pay for everything and you get the absolute minimum for your money.
Anyway, I’m sitting in front of the sea, coffee and OJ, waiting for breakfast I hardly feel like complaining.


We’re on our way to Mexico!
This morning when I got up at 3:33, I walked outside and saw two bright stars close together, like a snakebite. A half hour later, when I tried to show the wife, one was gone. Weird. Wonder if one was an iridium flare. I should have seen it moving if it was, but maybe I didn’t look for long enough. Hmmmmm

Iridium Satellite


Mayan Ruins in Tulum

In 24 hours, the Wife and I will be at the airport, waiting to go to MEXICO! We are flying to Miami, then Cancun, then driving to Tulum, where my wife used to work.
She lived there three years, and knows her way around and has made a lot of plans, but still left us plenty of time to relax and hang out.
I am really excited to be going!

It would be nice to leave with a new contract for work, today is the last working day before I go.

Wot a Dummee

Last night we had dinner at the bro and sis in laws. After dinner, we were sitting outside, and it was getting dark and through the window I see the Sis In Law coming out with a bunch of candles. It looked like a birthday cake, so to be silly, I started singing Happy Birthday and everyone joined in. Then she got closer and could see she actually DID have a birthday cake, and I started looking around, wondering whose birthday it was. I looked at my Wife, and knew it wasn’t her birthday. Bro in Law was singing too, so I didn’t think it was him. The Sis in Law was carrying the cake and singing, so I didn’t think it was hers.
I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know who’s birthday it was.It was mine.

Actually, by birthday is the 11th, but last night was the last night we’d see the Bro and Sis In Law before then, so they had a cake for me.

And it had four candles, for my age, mentally

Holiday Monday

This is Constitution Day in the Cayman Islands. This Constitution Day marks the first written constitution in the Cayman Islands, which came into being on 4 July, 1959.
This is our last public holiday till November!
The Wife is working today. Tonight we’re going to the brother and sister in-laws for dinner and to see the new place they moved to.

The Crab

One thing I like about crabs is their fearlessness. They are not afraid and will fight anything. Last night this crab was out near our front door. We he wasn’t going to attack, but dammit he wasn’t going to run away either. I have been driving and seen the car in front of me pass over crabs, and they raise their claws to fight! If you do run over one of these babies, there’s a good chance you’ll get a flat tire!
click pic to enlarge because he’s cool!

Finally A Friday

I’m glad it’s Friday. But it’s still raining. I re-waterproofed my raincoat, and am excited about wearing it, but c’mon. Two freekin weekends of clouds and rain in the Cayman Islands!

Also it’s a long weekend too! Yesterday was Canada Day, this weekend is the 4th of July and Constitution Day.
I keep telling myself I am going to post pics, but haven’t really taken any lately.

Next Thursday we go to Tulum, Mexico for two weeks! Maybe I can test my new passport!