This was an interesting comment on yesterdays post. I guessed it was Japanese or Chinese. But I noticed the groups of links. So when you click on them, it takes you to (I think) Japanese porn websites.


Finally A Friday

It’s Friday, I’m working the late shift today because of an outside broadcast.
Last night the weatherman was talking about all the sun yesterday. I didn’t see the sun, I was working. It was cloudy when I went in to work, it was cloudy every time I saw a window and it was cloudy when I got out of work. Not seeing the sun bums me out.
The weatherman said it will be windy and mostly partly cloudy all weekend. Hope he’s wrong.

Here it has been cloudy for a long time, seems like. Although it is clear now.

Lately I’ve been thinking about my blue Mares fins, I want to start using them more. I can’t actually remember the last time I went snorkeling or had a beach lunch hour.

Here’s some pics from recently. Look how drab the weather is. yuk

A divemaster works while a cruise ship heads out to sea.
A sailboat cruising around the south side
An ancient trash can, grown into a tree. (I’ve posted pics of this before)
The same can, closer. The ancient garbage is stuck in the ancient can stuck in the ancient tree.


Last night I went to see the movie AVATAR, (the Wife treated me). It was probably the coolest movie I ever saw in my life. If you haven’t seen it, go see it. The funny thing is that I hadn’t hear anything about it before I saw it. I think I read on blogger that someone saw it. I mean, I knew there was a movie out called Avatar, but I knew nothing else. It was Really good.

Also yesterday afternoon/evening I went to a financial planning seminar. For the past six months or so, I haven’t been able to make ends meet, and have been taking money out of savings to pay the bills. I need to get on a budget, and get my fianaces sorted to prevent myself from going down the pipes.

Tremendous Pressure

Today I can’t think of anything to post. The pressure to come up with a post is crushing. I just woke up with a headache, the coffeepot just finished making “The Sound” which means it’s time for coffee.

Yesterday my old dawg peed on the back porch. I walked by and he had a leg up, looking at me, not even trying to hide. Bastard. I yelled “WTF ARE YOU DOING!” and he took off running. I chased him down, dragged him back to the peepool and whacked him on the ass. Both dawgs know how to ask if they want a walk. Nobody asked, we had recently had our regularly scheduled walk, and it wasn’t a time in which we normally take a walk. He just thought it would be cool to pee on the back porch.

disgusting products

Hair Mayonnaise, My wife actually has some, I was unpacking the groceries and my first thought was “How Gross” and I didn’t want to put it in the fridge. It doesn’t go in the fridge, it goes in the bathroom.
Cock Soup, need I say more? Pussy soup might be good!
If you know of any other disgusting products, let me know. I didn’t take a pic of the chicken feet, that’s just too gross!