Computer Troubles

It’s that time of year again, Swim season. The only problem I have is what do I do with my laptop while I stop to swim? Last year, I just locked it in my car, but now I ride the scooter and I tote my laptop back and forth every day. I can’t just leave it on the beach while I swim!
I guess I could leave it at work.

I’m also a little pissed at the CIASA. Apparently the first swim was last weekend, and I never received the schedule. Also, I’m hearing that the Brac Half mile is this Saturday. Unacceptable! I already have to work this weekend and it will be the first time I ever missed the Brac half mile. (theres only been two)

So I’m not much of a happy camper today.

Seven Cruise Ships

On the radio they said there are 7 cruise ships today with a total of 31,000 people! That practically doubles the population of the island!

I had yesterday off and the OI Girl and I went out looking at refrigerators and stoves and cabinets and countertops and doors.

Dog Show Champ!

My Dawg won third place for best personality and first place for the obstacle course at the Dog Show! The OI Girl was the handler for everything except the obstacle course, I handled the Monster for that!
(They didn’t have categories for any good stuff like meanest and sharpest fangs)


This is a video I took yesterday evening from the top of the forms for the concrete roof. See the sea? This will basically be the view from the sundeck when the house is done
(This took all morning to upload)


Yesterday they were going to pour the concrete for the roof but the inspector stopped them, He said the roof wasn’t strong enough. Even I was wondering and asking about what would be holding up the center. They’ll get it sorted, they’re adding more reinforcement and making it thicker.