House Poor

Here’s a video of the house building progress, taken yesterday. Today they are pouring the concrete for the main deck. I was trying to keep the video short to keep the filesize down.
I can see the sea from here, and will be able to see it even better from the sun deck, which will be about 11 feet higher.

Next payday, I make my first mortgage payment. For three months, I’ll be paying mortgage and rent and will be broke!

First TIme

Yesterday, for the first time, I walked through the front door of the house. It was just a temporary wood frame, but it was in the space where the door will be.
They started the walls, then the deck goes on. I know you’ll be able to see the sea from up there!


As most of you know, it has been my policy to not tell people I know about my blog. I never have and it’s a quite simple policy.

People have found it, and I have talked to them about it after they bring it up, but I have never told anyone about it. Friends have even said “I have a blog” and I haven’t said “me too”

So, as far as I know, The OI Girl still doesn’t know about it. I don’t particularly care if she knows about it or not. I’ve considered telling her, but keep deciding not too.

So here’s what I’m thinking, I have a Facebook page, that she for the most part made for me, and I could put a link to this blog there, then she’d be sure to find it that way.

What say you?

Moving right along

The house is coming along fast. The builder is my next door neighbor and friend and his crew is working 7 days a week to get it done.
I had an OK weekend, it was cloudy the whole time practically. Saturday OI Girl and I went to the annual orchid show and like a frikkin drug addict, I spent all my weekend spending money ($200) on orchids and those wood cages and an orchid book. I got $10 till the bank opens.

Trying to upload more images, but Google’s having problems apparently

What happened to Wednesday?

I guess I didn’t post yesterday, funny, I don’t remember NOT posting!
Yesterday I had a dental cleaning. I used to have a young pretty dental hygienist, But in the 10 years I’ve known her, although she’s stayed pretty, she’s gotten older, had a few kids and grown up before my eyes. She doesn’t work there any more, apparently and now I have a grueling tough hygienist. She did a good job though.

Today I expect to be busy at work. As is always. I’m having a small go-around with my boss who doesn’t want to pay me for my travel time. “When you’re sitting at the airport, waiting on a plane, you’re not working”.