At first I had accidentally named thie post Thursdee. I thought it was Thursday.
I have no topic for posting today. Yesterday I had a long lunch hour because of a split shift. So I went to the beach. Here’s a picture of the beach bar kind of across the street from the Courtyard Mariotte. It’s called Calico Jacks. They have the worst hamburgers in the world. Last time we ate there was the last time. OI Girl and I both got sick. Maybe something else but burgers. . .
If you click on the pic you can see a girl in almost-a-thong on the right.

Two Goats

There were two goats, behind a movie theater, eating an old movie that was in the trash. They were chomping away, and one turned to the other and said, “This is pretty good. isn’t it?” The second goat thought for a second and replied, “Yes, but it’s not as good as the book.”

Good weekend

I had a pretty good weekend. Friday The OI Girl and I went to a party at the Ritz. It was pretty nice. Everyone was supposed to wear white, but the best I could do was a dim yellow. The party was the kickoff for the Crisis Center Fundraiser. I had a $45 glass of water.
Saturday, we went diving, with some of the OI Girls friends who were diving for the first time since they got certified.
Sunday we went back to the beach in the morning and in the afternoon was the tennis match I mentioned Friday. There were world champion tennis players there, and I think it’s the first time I ever sat and watched anyone play tennis. I’ve seen tennis courts, just never anybody playing. I played one day once in high school gym.
Watching a tennis match was pretty fun, but your neck gets sore after a while.

Now it’s back to work, with the crazy Holiday schedule starting up about now.


It’s Friday, The OI Girl won a contest and got tickets to a tennis match and a party this weekend. It should be fun.
And I am seriously disappointed I didn’t get more comments about my new grill. We used it last night and it is great!
I guess it’s just a grill.

Member of the Club

Yesterday during lunch I got the new grill. For another $50 I got a new propane tank. Now I’m a member of the propane tank club. To get into the propane tank club you buy a shiny, new, gleaming white, perfectly immaculate empty propane tank, take it to the gas station, and, for an additional fee of $16, trade it in for an old, rusty, beat-up, paint scraped off, greasy, dirty nasty, gross, don’t-know-where-it’s-been, full one. They just rotate around, you take in your empty and trade it in for a full. I did pretty good though, I found another almost-new one in the collection! It still has the decals on it, like the one I turned in!!
I started putting the grill together about 9:30, and got it done and went to bed at 1:10 in the morning. There’s a shelf that goes on the opposite side of the stove burner you see in the pic, but I left it off to save space.

I had to do some major rearranging of junk to make room for the grill to fit there. I may get rid of some plants and keep it outside after the new wears off. The OI Girl and I have sooo Much JUNK!
Here’s a pic I took on the way from home yesterday evening. I was driving downtown when I took this shot. Another Perfect sunset. I wish I hadn’t cut off the front of the cruise ship, but hey! I was driving! Also , it was raining a little bit when I took this pic.

Split Shift

Today is my split shift day, I like the long beach lunch-break.
Also today I’m buying a gas grill. I have a tabletop version but now I’m buying a biggun.
It’s an early Xmas/Channuka present from the OI Girl.
I don’t know where I’m going to keep it though…


Yesterday I took the day off, and went diving. It was a nice sunny day. After that, I went to the beach. When I got home, I ate a whole bunch of those Baby Carrots, that you get in the grocery store. Then I had a stomach ache, I think the carrots disagree with me. Is that possible?