Working to get more work.

Well, the OI Girl is back, let me tell you, it is great to see her.
I spent all day yesterday, back and forth with the Port Authority, trying to get them to release some broadcast equipment. first they sent me back to the station to modify some papaerwork, then they rejected the paperwork they had me modify, even though it was exactly what they asked for.
Anyway, I have to go back today and try to finish up. Working to get more work.

I guess nobody understood me joking about feng shui yesterday.

Fing Shoey

Tonight the OI Girl gets back. She’s been gone four weeks and two day.
She’s been studying Fing Shoey, and she’s going to rearrange the furniture when she gets back.
After work tonight I’ll be cleaning and then be at the airport at about 7:40.


There’s a girl at work, our receptionist. She just had a baby about two months ago. Last night I went into work late for an outside broadcast. She was sitting there, waiting for her husband to pick her up and take her home. She had been waiting an hour, like every night, when he is supposed to pick her up. He treats her like shit. He doesn’t work, he just fucks off. I always get so mad when I see her waiting every night for him to pick her up.
She acts like you think she’s going to act. If you think she’s lazy, she’s lazy. She acted not-too-bright, but I could see the intelligence in her face when she talked to her childeren. I always knew that if I asked her to do something, she’d get it done, and she always did. I liked her. She is someone who I think grew up being squashed by everyone she knew. Defeated. But she still had the spark in her.

Last night when I saw her, I noticed she looked younger and calmer and more serene than normal. Very relaxed.

This morning, she passed away.


This morning I spent almost the whole study time trying to make a math formula work that wouldn’t work. There’s an example in the text that doesn’t come out, the answer they give is not what I get when I enter the same numbers on my calculator. I guess they think nobody’s going to check. There is a test question using the same formula and the answer I get isn’t even close to any of the four choices given. Fortunately, it’s a three part question and the other two parts come out spot-on, giving me what I hope is a lucky guess. I guess I’ll have to call the school today and get them straightened out, put them back on the right track, help them see the light, if you know what I mean.
It is very frustrating, and I hope it doesn’t reflect how my day is going to be. Today I will be going to customs to get my 640 pound box.

This is a picture I took last Saturday, it is a wrecked ship and a not wrecked ship.

I rekkon I’ll be buying the OI Girls airline ticket today. Allegedly her new boss will email it to her today. I’m broke, she’s broke, everybody’s broke.

A lot of days I can’t think of anything to post here, today I could go on and on.

The coffee was very good this morning.


Well, I switched to the new blogger this morning, it seems to have worked ok. It seems faster. I don’t like that it says “KY” under my name in my profile, before it said “Cayman Islands”

Yesterday I had a pretty good day. I went with a builder to my property and he said it was a good piece of land and quoted me a price at the upper end of the expected range. (the last builder I talked to quoted me double what I considered acceptable, and more than double what I would pay). So now, I’m going back to the architect and officially purchase the plans/blueprints. then I went to the beach. I think my main dive buddy left the island for a while. He said he was going to, I just didn’t pay attention to when.

It was very hard to wake up this morning. I took a couple asprin to thin my blood and breathed some pure O2 from one of my “empty” rebreather bottles and I feel a lot better. O2 is some good stuff, too bad air only has 20%. Staying up late and waking up early sucks.

This should be a very busy week. I will be starting some transmitter work as soon as I track down a 640 LB package that should have arrived last Thursday.

Lets Go Already!

I’m ready to be done with this online course I’ve been taking. I have about 29 lessons left to go out of 95. At first I was knocking out a lesson a day, then it was a lesson every other day, now they’re lasting a week or so. It’s that they’re getting more and more difficult, and my motivation and concentration are going down.
And the math. . . I make the math more difficult than it is.

I get up early to study and put in my time, but i feel like I don’t accomplish much, like, after two hours I feel like I could’ve done what I did in 10 minutes.
I just want to finish!

Freediving Fins

I’m glad it’s Friday, it’s kind of hard to be here at work today, like said yesterday, It felt like Friday then. I’m working Saturday and Sunday, just for a few hours each day.

The OI Girl got her work permit approved! She should be here next week.

When she gets here, I’m going to teach her how to freedive. She asked me to teach her. I’m working on getting her some fins. I’m getting a pair of footpockets in her size. I own both Mares Attacks and Sporasub Radical freedive fins. I’ll put the blades from one of those in her footpockets.
I got some replacement blades for my soon-to-be empty footpockets. The Dive Shop had some c4 blades at a very low price. I’ve been eyeballing them for a long time. I got them yesterday and now I have:

C4 Carbon Fiber Freedive fins.

All have interchangable blades and I’ve been after some C4’s for a long time! The C4’s are basically designed to go straight down and straight up, while the others are more suitable for snorkeling and freediving.

On Ebay right now, there is a Monofin for sale, I’d like to have one of those someday!!!

I’ll be glad when The OI Girl gets here!

Thursday feels like Friday

Almost every Thursday I feel like it’s Friday, then I keep exeriencing unpleasant “jolts” as I remind myself again and it’s Thursday. My body thinks it’s Friday, and keeps convincing my mind it’s Friday. I get all excited about the day off tomorrow and then realise I’m working.

Then they come tell me I’m working Saturday too.

It seems like all my shirts are disappearing. I’m not loosing them, I’m not taking them off and leaving them anywhere. They’re disapearing in the house somehow.

For Christmas/Hanukka, I bought the OI Girl a Yoga DVD. Yesterday I watched it. I didn’t try any of it, mind you, I just watched. It was so painful looking I didn’t even make it all the way through.