Saturday Sun

It’s a nice day, with full bright sun. I’ve been up since before dawn, dividing and replanting a cactus that was overgrowing out of it’s pot. I planted two groups in the yard in two different places, gave away cactus in a pot to three people who were just walking by, and re-planted a tiny clump in it’s original pot that it came out of. Plus half a dozen singles that will be replanted in a week or so.

Today I’m working and studying and hopefully some beach. Tomorrow I MUST dive. I must.

PS: I have a wonderful huge zit growing on my face. Like a second nose. I can’t wait to pop it and squirt pus all over the mirror!


Although the title of yesterdays post was “Thursday” I thought it was Wednesday. All day. Last night the OI Girl told me it was Thursday and I was quite surprised! And I’m very glad it’s Friday!

I’m working Saturday, then next weekend I’ll be off to see the OI Girll! (and work)

I was tagged by Daisy Mae, but I choose not doing it. To me, there’s too much ‘credit card type’ secret questions on there, mothers maiden name, first pets name . . . and the rest are all the secret questions that are asked in case you lost your password or corporations ask to verify identity over the phone. I suppose that everyone else is using fake information, but I’m just not that bright.


I don’t have a thing to say today.
A friend is coming in October. He is bringing his rebreather. I already have my vacation approved. I’ve been sitting here daydreaming about diving.
I feel extremely good right now. I went to bed early and slept OK.
Remember the BBC satellite dish and receiver I installed a couple months ago? Well, the receiver failed and I got the replacement yesterday and it sounds way better than the old one.
My car’s overheating. I fill it with water before every trip. I pull ‘er up to tha gas station and say “fill ‘er up with water, and while you’re at it, check the gas!”
ha ha
My mechanics is closed for vacation, I’ll be there when they get back!


Well, I called the help number. I got it explained to me and I understand the solution. I didn’t realize that both the problems I had were the same. After I finish this lesson and the next, I’m a quarter of the way through. I think. I haven’t seen the second half yet.

Today it’s work, then beach then work again.

It seems like the OI Girl and I are getting along better these days. My heart feels fonder. I’m not saying there was a time when we didn’t get along. I am just saying things seem better. Better on top of good already.

Just because it seems like I haven’t posted a pic in awhile, here’s a pic of cemetary beach, across the street. Looking kinda north, kinda west.

Getting my ass kicked

Sunday I started a particular module for my class. I planned on working 2 hours, as you know, and it ended up being all day. Well, it is kicking my ass. I had problems figuring out how to do some math their way, then I thought I had worked it out, but now I am having problems elsewhere. Today is the day I’m going to knock it out and understand it. Not in that order.

I’ve been neglecting everybody else’s blogs, and I’m sorry. I have been getting a lot of my study time from my online time and beach time. Athough yesterday afternoon I was studying on the beach, that’s when I thought I had it all figured out, then I got home and now I’m more than slightly confused again. . . Maybe my brain only works on the beach!

Today I will finish this module and prooceed. There’s a number you can call for help. When I read that in their paperwork I thought, “I’ll never call that number”. Well I rekkon I will if I have to.

Can I Have A Re-Do?

Yesterday, my plan was to study for two hours, from 7:30 till 9:30, then go out diving and to the beach. I don’t know what happened, all of a sudden it was 4:00 in the afternoon. Then I had to fight a giant wave of depression because I “wasted” the day. The OI Girl recommended that I go to the beach then so I did, but it was almost 5 PM and I didn’t get the high intensity solar energy I need. I honestly can’t explain how it got from morning to late afternoon without me noticing. I didn’t even really accomplish that much studying. I didn’t accomplish what I expected to be able to do in the two hours. I think the lessons are also getting tougher without me noticing.

Today I just want to go to the beach and go diving. Can I get a take back and re-do on my weekend?

Flat Sunday

Secret beach, I used to live just around that point in the distance

It’s my day off, before I woke up I was thinking I had to go to work, if that makes any sense.
Work yesterday was OK. Not great and way worse than not working at all. I went to my secret beach yesterday. I saw only one person all day. I was there and it started raining. I just stayed and laid in the rain. It was nice.
Today I’d like to do the same thing, but I want to dive and I need to study. I didn’t study yesterday at all so I owe myself double today.
I feel kind of bored and “flat” today. Maybe that’ll improove after some coffee.

I'm Up!

I just woke up, 2 and a half hour late! I did wake up on time but made the executive decision to stay in bed a little longer.
today I am working for a few hours at about 10.
Then it’s beach.
Work is sending me to the Other Island where I will see the OI Girl. Something like three days at the end of this month.
Yesterday I asked for, and recceived the afternoon off, because I’m working today. then it got cloudy and rained and I took a nap and I was kind of grumpy because I felt like I wasted one quarter of my weekend. Then at bedtime I wasn’t sleepy because I took a nap.

But today I feel like I’m back on course.
So I gotta get going, I have to shower and shave and get ready to go!

Cash wanted

Yeay! It’s Friday! I’m going to try to get off early because I’m working tomorrow. Also yesterday I didn’t get to take a lunch hour. They owe me big time!
I need to go diving this weekend.
I also need to go see the OI girl, I haven’t been in a long time. The problem is – finances. In the past 3 months I’ve made 3 trips to the US, bought land and I still owe the stamp duty. That’s almost $3000 by itself. I just can’t afford to go.
. . .

Magically Delicious!

Today I will have (hopefully) a quiet day at work. I can get started on one of my projects I’ve been meaning to start, Fixing up the interior of the work van, I want to make a little studio in there. Like a regular broadcast vehicle.

Yesterday I had a good beach lunch, and it was actually sunny. Then after work I went grocery shopping. 212 dollars.

Remember a looooong time ago, I said I wanted to lose some weight? Well I’m down from 200 to about 185, but seem to be stuck. I’m trying to get to 175. I notice that if I eat breakfast, then by 10 am I have an insanely starving sesnation. So yesterday I bought breakfast, but then didn’t eat it till I got hungry, about 9:30 or 10 AM. That seemed to work better. I’m trying to eat more fiber too. I bought this nasty cereal, Fiber One. I guess it’s not too bad if you eat it before it gets mushy. Plus, it fills you up faster too. A half a bowl does the same job as a full bowl of Frosted Flakes or Lucky Charms (They’re Magically Delicious!)