Dentist today

Today I have a dental appointment. He’s supposed to fix a “temporary filling” I got when a tooth broke two weeks after my regular checkup, and fix another that is so close to the other tooth I can’t get floss through.
I’m kind of disgruntled because I’ve been going to the dentist every 6 months all my life and I know a good dentist from a bad one. This dental clinic has never found any problem that I haven’t complained about. If I don’t get it sorted soon, I’m going to go out in town and pay for my own dentist. (I’ve been going to my work-pays-for-it dentist)
I’m not in a great mood. I’m tired of work, tired of crap from all directions and tired of everything. Also its been rainy and cloudy for several days, I’m tired of that too.


I woke up to the sound of my computer re-booting. All by itself. I stayed in bed the first time, but the second, I got up and hit the button and shut it off. I have a desktop, that stays on all the time (except it’s off now) and my laptop, which I use all the time. It was the desktop acting up. It was weird, although I think it’s happened before. I have found programs I had left running, not running and thought “that’s odd” but never really thought too much about it. I watched it re-boot with one eye half open, cringed at the loud windows sound, and dozed back off. then a few minutes later I heard it re-bootng again and turned the power off before it could make the sound again. Then my alarm went off a few minutes later.
I’ve never heard of a computer re-booting all by itself, except for when you’re installing windows. Maybe I have ghosts!

Monday O Monday

I’ve been worried about this week. I don’t have a reason why. For no reason. My gut feeling has been that this would be a tough week.
So this morning, I woke up and we’re off the air. Both stations. There was a power failure that blacked out all downtown, where our studios are. All the computers were screwed up. AN on air sound board got screwed up. The newsroom studio had problems. I got it all fixed and am ready to sneak out for breakfast.
Maybe that was it, all I needed to worry about. Hopefully now it will be smooth sailing all week!

Chainsaw day or boot discussion

I’m up, getting all coffeed and ready to go in a while to the Mastic Trail. I am going to help clear some trees that fell. I have on boots and long pants. I am used to shorts and flip flops. Not that I’m complaining. I’m taking these boots and long pants to Costa Rica in a couple of weeks. OI girl and I are going. I’m going for two weeks and she’s going for three.
I think I need new boots. Mine are pretty worn out. I’ve had them for years and they are on their second soles. They’re not that comfortable, but it may be because I seldom wear them. I think I’d like some of the new, tennis shoe type of boots. Mine are the old school, hard leather.
Hopefully I’ll be done by around noon, I’m going to the beach. the wind turned around last night and that means no diving today.
Also I have $2 bet on the Seattle Seahawks (American football) team, but I doubt I’ll be watching.

TGI Friday!

I’m at work already. This morning, I couldn’t access the page to post a new post or the comments.
I turned off word verification, mostly because I don’t lke filling them out on other blogs. They cotinue to get more ridiculous.
This weekend I am off. Sunday I will be clearing a trail out in the woods. It is called the Mastic Trail. It was blocked by trees after Hurricane Ivan and we went out there and cleared it with chainsaws. I thought it was all done but I got a call to help so I am. I love chainsaws.
Earlier this morning when I wanted to post, I had a lot to say. Now I can’t think of much, so that’ll be it for me today!
Have a great day and weekend!

Green Flash

Yesterday morning, I saw a shooting star, in my bedroom. I was laying in bed, and I saw a streak of light go across the ceiling, it looked exactly like a shooting star. I forgot to post about it yesterday.
Then I took the OI Girl to the airport and had a rough day at work.
Yesterday, the sunset was fantastic. I was at the beach with my dog. Usually, the sun goes behind some clouds on the horizon, even when it seems like a perfectly clear day, the sun goes behind these clouds that seem to appear at the last minute. Yesterday evening, there were no such clouds, and the sun was visible alll the way down. I saw the green flash. Everyone at the beach I was at saw it.
Last night was the astronomical society meeting. It was very good, with a large crowd. I am aching for binoculars. I was going to go with my neighbors friend, V, but she had to work late. So when she got off, we went to the beach for a mini astronomical meeting. The moon here last night was a points-up cresent like the letter U. It was so clear, that as it went down, you could see the points of the cresent even after the botom of the U had gone below the horizon.
Also, at lunchtime I went to the beach for a walk. I saw these people working on their tan. I had to take a picture. I’m trying to think of a title for this picture. Any ideas??

1 Feb

I’m at work, just dropped the OI Girl off at the airport. While I was kissing the OI Girl good bye, a girl thqat I went out with a couple of times walked by and saw me. I’m sure she’ll say something next time I talk to her. But she doesn’t know I saw her and know she saw me. I wanted things to go a lot further with her than they did. She’s kind of afraid of comittment I think. I called her earlier this year and wished her a happy birthday. I think she was impressed I remembered.
Today promises to be busy with good stuff, mostly outside the building. AND it’s Wednesday, that means split shift and that means beach lunch!
Can you believe it’s February already? I’ve always said the first half of the year goes faster than the second half.
AND more good news fo you north of here’s, looking for spring. Remember that singing bird I wrote about, and wrote again that he was gone? Well, he’s back! Maybe not the same one, but it is one more shred of evidence that spring is coming! It is spreading your way!
Have a good day!